110% Guarantees

Does anyone have any positive experience of the 110% guarantees ? I got charged by import duties by UK customs and so far 3 emails to james with no reply. Very different from the amount of contact received prior to purchase.

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Hi webbo,

Sorry for the slow service. We will certainly get you your 110% refund for the customs fees shortly.

We received a tidal wave of 500+ emails recently (we asked The Tokyowheel email list for suggestions and feedback, and many people were kind enogh to reply). So please accept my apologies for the slow response.

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Have now received payment to cover the customs charges plus 10% . So can say that in my experience the 110% guarantee is for real. Thank you

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Thanks webbo,

We are happy to support you 110%. Sorry again about the slow service. We are still handling that wave of emails we received.

Just a side note, the 500+ emails that we received were all good intentioned suggestions and ideas for new products we should sell. Each email sender put real though into the emails, and so they deserve a well thought out response from us. I am very thankful for our community engagement.

P.S. We have two new team members helping me specifically to ‘Triage’ this mass of emails, and we are learning how to give even better support to more people, through this experience. So thanks for your patience webbo, and let me know anytime you need anything. thanks!


Are you still having trouble catching up on emails? I am waiting on a response to an email that I sent a few days ago regarding the return policy. Please get back to me ASAP.


Chris Haney

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Webbo hope you don’t think it’s too rude but what charges where applied, I’ve wheels in UK customs at the moment. just wondering what to expect.

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Hi Chris. Sorry for the wait. Hope all is well at your end now. Let me know if this isn’t entirely the case via questions@tokyowheel.com - if you put my name in there somewhere the email will come to me. Valar dohaeris!

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Thanks Kane - I have all of the info needed, and will be heading to UPS this morning.

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Received my wheels with no charges as your site indicated … used them in two Tri’s so far … no complaints …


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What set are you riding? Which distance(s) have the 2 tri’s been?