28c tyres?

Hi Tokyo Wheel Team and customers.

Is it possible to run the new Epic 5.6 wheels with 28c tyres? Has any body tried this and compared it with 25c tyres? My aero bike is fast and stiff and I am considering it as an option in the future.



Hi @Noel_Said ,
A little additional information might help the forum and get you a more responses. Which frame is your aero frame? My wife has a 2015 Cervelo P3 and 28mm won’t fit on the Epic 50s; however, I have 2012 Cervelo S2 and 28 mm will fit; however, I prefer the 25mm Conti GS4000S II for my type of racing.

Thanks Attila, I have a 2016 Canyon Aeroad which has plenty of clearance. I am happy with 25mm Conti GS4000S II but may consider 28mm in the future if beneficial. I predominately participate in road races on undulating and often rough country roads. The bike is no issue, its whether the wider tyres will inhibit the performance of the wheels.

Hi @Noel_Said
OK, now I understand your situation, unfortunately I won’t have any useful information. The roads I train on generally pretty good but can be a little rough in areas but not too bad and the criterium courses I race are smooth, check out my youtube videos. For me 25mm during spring and summer and 28mm during winter just because usually out in the dark and can’t see all the debris or holes in the roads and I like the “soft” feel of the 28mm in the off-season.
Hey, congrats on the Canyon. Have heard for several years how great the frames are but they were very hard to get in the US until recently. I’m curious of what the wheel/tyre profile would be for both 25 and 28 mm at several different pressures.
I’m still riding the previous generation of Tokyowheels so any info you post concerning the new generation will be appreciated if I end up needing…wanting another set of wheels.
Be safe, train hard, and race smart.

Thanks Antilla,
I have been very patient waiting for my wheels so I unfortunately cannot report any results as yet. I am planning to review my 5.6 Epics when I receive them and I hope they are a great wheel. Surprisingly nobody has really reviewed the new wheels as yet (that I have found anyway).
I must admit the new Canyon is a weapon and I am hanging out to see how it will perform with the new wheelset.
I think I will stick with my Conti 25mm tyres as I don’t like to experiment on my racing bike unless I hear how other have went with 28mm.
It would be really great if someone had both generations of wheelsets and compared their performance.
By the way I checked out some of your YouTube videos. Pretty cool stuff.

I understand that the new rims are design matced to work with 23mm tires. The consequence of having larger sizes means, less of an aerodynamic match and less control feel while cornering. The larger you go off this recommendation the less aerodynamic and less feel for cornering.

But I am wondering how much of affect that really is? I do have 28mm conti on them as a trial, and it feels great compared to 23mm. 25 means something in between. But if I am racing I wonder how much will having a tire size miss -match affect my speed and time?

By-the-way. I have an aluminum frame bike. Carbon drop bars, carbon forks plus the 28mm tires and you would not know you are riding carbon.

I have a previous generation Tokyowheel and ran 23 Conti GP4000S II and decided to switch to the 25 mm Conti and love them; For me the feel in corners is very noticeable but that’s with my weight and the tire pressure I prefer for criteriums. In straights I don’t notice any difference between the tires but we all know it’s there and measurable but costly. It’d take a significant monetary investment by Tokyowheel or a 3rd party to perform the exhaustive tests to cover a large number of tire, wheel, pressures, etc. Unless you’re in individual TT or triathlon my opinion is it’ll be hard to quantify the gains in perfect wheel/tire combination so ride what you feel is best for you. It just might be that 25 mm conti.