50/60 clincher wheels and size

I’m seriously considering purchasing the 50/60 clincher wheels along with the higher end hubs but was wondering if 23mm or 20mm tires can be used with these or they are strictly wider or if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

buena elección de llantas, yo las tengo montadas y son una maravilla.
Sobre tu pregunta de la neumáticos no montaría menos de 23mm ya que la llanta tiene una anchura de 25mm y para mi gusto no quedaría nada estético a su vez que perdería aerodinámica.
Yo llevo unos de 25mm y van perfectos, muy cómodos y gran seguridad, el problema del 25mm es que puede que te roze con el puente del freno, la horquilla delantera y el paso de rueda trasero, pero eso te pasara con cualquier llanta.
Un saludo

i run 23’s on that config and they are great.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the input. Riding on 23s right on Fulcrum Racing wheels and love it. Can’t wait to get these Tokyo wheels. Also decided I’ll get the DT Swiss hubs with them.

i didn’t go for the DT Hubs in the end. freewheeling, on a gentle downhill, with the standard HUB’s i’m rolling past most of the group from my club. i guess i might roll faster with the DT hubs.

The standard hubs are pretty decent? If so I might just stick with them.

Im running standard hubs on my pair of Epic 60, with Conti Force (24 mm back) and Conti Attack (22 mm front) - and its very smooth and fast (!)

i think they are great

Thanks a bunch guys think I might just stick with the standard hubs. can always order others at a later date.

Dear Manitobacanada,

I purchased the 50/60 clincher wheels about 2 months ago. They perform pretty good. You need to put 23mm tires. As an advice, get them with the 80mm Presta valve. Also check the opening of your brakes since the wheels are wider than the regular ones (which is a good thing).



I’ve run 22, 23 and 25’s on my Epic 38’s with nothing but good results. I prefer the 25’s, but was really surprised at how smooth the ride was when I ran 22’s. I run the standard Vapor hubs and fly.

You can run 23mm tires without a problem on this wheelset. I wouldn’t suggest 20mm tires though. Rims are too wide for those.

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