Accessory Cassette Alloy & Titanium

Hi Folks,

I’m on the hunt for a nice new cassette to complement my new wheel

Apart from the usual suspects - I came across a band named: SeqLite… hadn’t heard of them before…

Their Campy 10s 11-25T has a phenomenal claimed weight of 106g & made of Ti. Tempted to give it a try

thought I’d share for interest sake if anyone is looking to hide a self labelled gift under the Christmas tree :smile:

Anyone heard anything good, bad, or indifferent?


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Pretty poor reviews on those if you search around - poor shifting, low durability. They are light, though.

Thanks Sean - & guess that’s always the risk?

  • I hadn’t found much on this particular manufacturer - but who make three variants - Steel, Ti and Alu. Not sure if all 3 are poor…?
    Alu would be out of the question for me - however am looking around for a usable Ti Campy cassette -

Naturally, a poor performing cassette is simply not worth the upgrade if it will have you struggling with difficult gear shifts on an ascent - that’s almost self defeating & a bad investment…

cheers for the warning & let me know if you spot a worthwhile upgrade,

Offering a lightweight cassette accessory has been on our roadmap for a while. If you have requests for specs etc, post them here.

Thanks James -

I didn’t think to look on your roadmap

I’m definitely not an authority in this area - however would be open to try a more exotic cassette - quite possibly titanium & but not aluminium - until such time, if ever, the Alu cassettes gain a better reputation for shifting/millage

I’d suspect most other riders would feel the same?

What may be an idea - although suspect that you would have thought of that already - is a suggested cassette/chain combination, which has been tested together? & possibly some warning about what chain rings/shifters could pose an issue?

Other than that - just do Campy first!! lol


Great feedback @andrewpalmer0 . Are you on 10 or 11 speed. What type of price point do you think is too high for a Ti cassette?

Hey James -
so very much a novice in the area - but happy to give feedback/receive advice as I go here…

My current set-up is 10-speed Campy - but would say the world seems to be going 11-speed? Especially for higher end drive trains? I’d imagine that the kind of rider looking at trying a niche cassette would be using a higher end gear set in the upper price spectrum, and probably 11-s

As far as price-point, well there’s no easy answer…? However would imagine that high-end Shimano Dura-Ace and Campy Super Record cassette’s could serve as the benchmark here, bearing in mind that they are Ti/Steel hybrid’s…
An all Ti at a similar price point may tempt shoppers into a better value item?

I see that Miche have had quite some success with their Alu Supertype cassette, which seems to shift to acceptable standards but still understandably softer/fragile -

who knows what the secret sauce is here? I’m sure at some stage we’ll see Alu/Ti make their way into standard cassettes soon…?

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Wears out extremely fast Due to the material it’s made of. Might be saving some grams but I’d stick with steel. Long lasting, reliable, and won’t have to replace as often. Save your money.

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We have had the following input via email:

looking for a 10speed cassette.
Ratio 11-28to 12-29
Weight range 130g to 150g
Price £100-£120
Ideally comprising of a titanium/steel mix

Is this similar to what everyone else is looking for?