Ambassador Program

We get a lot of people asking if they can get a group discount, or can get a discount if they refer friends to buy new wheels also. We understand that friend referrals are a very good thing for Tokyowheel, and want to facilitate this as well as possible.

So we tested the following (It’s still live, but unadvertised on, so you can try it out.

This is a referral commission program. If you share a referral link and your friend buys wheels from that link, then you get a commission.

We initially offered a $125 coupon to the buyer and a $125 commission to the referrer. This is big money, and we thought this would be an awesome way to get people ‘on the payroll’ for promoting Tokyowheel.

Unfortunately we saw a reasonable amount of abuse attempts on the system (Luckily we have security in place that blocks this).

My thinking is that seeing this might actually distract customers from their purchasing process (We try to make the purchasing process, smooth, friction free, with as few decisions necessary as possible). And the fear is that introducing this new program is a distraction that only invites scamming the system.


  • Allow sharing only after someone has purchased wheels.
  • Allow the commission to only be payable as a rebate on a wheels purchase.
  • My Favorite, instead of cash incentives provide additional products as incentive. For example, buy new wheels get the Tokyowheel Cycling Kit as a Free Bonus, and whoever referred you gets a titanium cassette as commission (These are just examples)

Lastly, we tested this and there were some issues with paypal and paying commissions. A few people are still waiting for commissions, so we apologize for this. We don’t think that will be a longterm problem (just an initial issue with paypal), but it does raise an important point, that once you start saying you will pay someone, that relationship has an additional amount of responsibility and risk associated.

What are your thoughts on a commission based referral system? Would you like to participate in something like this? Do you think there is a better way to do it?

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Hi James,

I have used the system, and an incentive based system is very favourable, but not necessarily in the form of cash. I would be interested in additional products, bonuses, kit etc in return for referrals.


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This is all about selling online…but if you are a bikeshop owner and you recommend Tokyowheels to customers… a customer will always go online and looking for revieuws and sees on the website the discount (-125 dollar)-(96 Euro)…so they they will not buy @the bikeshop! But if they have problems with the wheels, they will go to the bikeshop for free repair (if the wheels are still in warranty) I think we must have a plan for both selling points, so that both are in balance!


Incentives in form of cash is always the best to capture everyone attention & its rewards . This will only spur everybody to a higher gear to promote your wheels.

This is a very important point, and is one of the major reasons why we are debating if we will continue as a ‘Direct Sales Only’ company or sell through dealers. This discussion is active on the following thread Dealers Vs. Direct Sales Only

We had designed a structure that involved both cash rewards and exclusive limited edition product rewards. It was a much more complex ‘grand idea’ that involved rewards for things like submitting reviews, or contributing photo, video, text content.

We didn’t launch this more complex version of the ‘Ambassador Program’ because it seemed too confusing.

Instead we went with a simple to understand Hare & Earn Money.

If you are interested to see what the draft landing page for the more complex “Ambassador Program Looked like” You can view it here

Beware, the signup and login links aren’t active.

In my grand vision we would have an online incentive / reward system that would allow any member of the Tokyowheel community to participate at a level of their choice (sharing, creating content, giving demo rides, helping with other areas of the business), and receive an appropriate reward of their liking. I see this as the future of how an ‘Open Source Company’ will operate.

But… Are you all ready for something like that? :smiley:


I want to reopen discussion on this topic. We have a lot of new team members on our core business team, and now have the bandwidth to do more awesome stuff. We are internally discussing this topic with Augusto our Software Engineer, and Oscar our Community Champion, and I want to include everyone in the discussion.

Check out this page (it’s a work in progress draft), and give your comments on the idea of an Ambassador program. Thanks!

Great idea James, Oscar and Augusto. The social media platforms definitely need to back up this initiative to grow the community and make others aware of the brand, the wheels in use for #TeamTokyowheel

The ambassador program is nearing the top of our roadmap ‘todo list’. We’ve figured out the structure, and have some of the technical implamentation in place. We just need a little more software engineering to get it out to you. The basics are:

  • You get a referral link (and maybe a referral promo code)
  • 20% commission on any sales you refer, as store credit
  • We’ll have more accessories available for you to use your ambassador credit on (Carbon Bars, Kit, promo materials etc.)
  • Access to special ambassador only products.
  • Training and support on how to better market yourself as a cyclist and gain more commissions.
  • Ambassador Commissions for other things like submitting photos, reviews, writing blog posts, winning, etc.

Let us know your feedback!

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The ambassador program is now live, so check out the announcement post, and give me feedback on how we can make the program the best for you.

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