Anyone use a Cervelo S3 2015 with Tokyo Wheels?


I have recently bought this frame and when running my EPIC 88 with 23mm Continental Tyres the tyre rubs the frame when out of the saddle. The tyre rubs on the none drive side chainstay due to the large degree of wheel flex. I changed out the QR skewers for stiffer ones other than the original Ti ones but still not joy.

Cervelo S3 frame

Does anyone else have problems with Cervelos and wheel rub?

This is a huge shame as I don’t want to have to sell my wheels :frowning:

Thanks in advance

I have an S5 and I have the same problem. I brought my wheels to my lbs to see on what they can find out. They told me I have to rebuild the whole wheel. Tried contacting tokyowheel about it but not a lot of help either. I’m just dealing with it right now until I can buy a new set. I really like my wheels ESP for the price but I guess you compromise on the longevity of it. I’m just speaking out of my own experiences. Hopefully you’ll figure it out and let me know :wink:

This is a good observation @Cwayman and @jayareM that should get some more traction and discussion in the forum. I have several of the previous generation Tokyowheel and don’t notice any wheel flex on my Cervelo S2 (disclaimer is I’m a light guy at 58 kg).
When your LBS said to rebuild the wheels, were they suggesting different spokes or spoke tension? Which spoke did you get? The models I have came with Pillar with the upgrade option to Sapim. Did you get the straight pull or the standard J-bend hub?

I have the same issue on the Cervelo P3 but i am using the old version of the wheel now 2 years old. I tend to blame it on my weight (100kg) and was told by TW that the new edition is stiffer. I have sapam spokes and DT Swiss.

hi CWayman. my boss also has a cervelo s3. his rear wheel keeps on touching the non-drive side. in fact, it created a deep scratch on the seat stay-non drive side. he was using a 25 mm tires before then switched to 23mm and still having the same issue. take off your rear wheel. there is a balancing screw on both side where the hub ends go. adjust it and this might solve your problem. 23mm tire is the most fitted tire for cervelo frame due to its super narrow chain stay. if you are sure that your wheels are trued, then adjusting the balance screw is the answer. thanks

sorry for the confusion in here. correction: my boss has a P3 and not S3. I don’t know if the S3 has the balancing screws like P3 has. sorry.

You had me excited there Cesar! I dont think the S3 has those balancing screws but i will check. I was running 25s too but the wheel wouldnt even spin due to the tyre size. S3 frame only claim to have clearance for 25 mm tyres and a 25mm conti inflated is 27mm-ish and a 23mm is 24.6mm inflated exacttly, So I put 23s on (conti GP 2000 SII) and they still rub the frame due to wheel flex. The wheel is true as had several LBS check it out. I just dont know what to do. Im absolutely gutted.

Also I am only 79kg. Just for reference

Hey @CWayman, my suggestion might seem a little ridiculous. I’ve heard the same thing from a few different customers, and the solution in the majority of cases was clamping the Quick Release tighter. I know it sounds a bit odd, but just clamping it down as tight as reasonably possible has solved this issue many times. Some customers mentioned that they were afraid to clamp it tight, and possibly damage their frame, which was the reason they were experiencing the flex. Let me know if the issue still persists at . No matter what, we’re here to help you out.

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Thanks very much for the advice and the support @James_Ferrer. I will give that a go and report back.

@James_Ferrer I will check tonight about the QR tension but in the mean time can I just ask what the internal rim width is with the EPIC 88mm please?

Hey @James_Ferrer

I tried tightening my QR skewers to the max I could. But still with no luck preventing the rubbing.

I’m wondering what the spoke tension is? I’ll take my older generation of Tokyowheels to the shop on Wed (weekly Wed Night run) and measure the spoke tension. I’ll also measure my Zipp 202s and a few other full carbon wheels at the shop and just report back what I find. My buddies have the Park tool just as reference.
Are you able to take your wheels to a LBS and collect a little data so we can compare?

I have a Cervélo S3 2014 and I have the exact same issue with the EPIC 3.4 with regular hub. I also have a EPIC 5.6 wheelset with DT Swiss 240s hub and have no issue at all.

Tightening quick release does not solve the problem.

The tire (Conti 25mm) rubs on the non drive side. I tried everything I could think of. I am now no longer using my rear EPIC 4 wheel and replaced it with the EPIC 6 w/DT Swiss hub.

I will follow this thread hoping someone has a magic fix!

Hi guys, thanks for the comments, and the info, it is very helpful in diagnosing the issues.

When you have the wheel mounted, and you put some side pressure on the rim, does it feel loose? If so, the hub end caps may be loose, which can be fixed using a hex key in the axel hole.

This could be an issue with spoke tension.

If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest you take the wheel into your local bike shop and have them measure spoke tension and increase spoke tension by 10kgf. We’ll happily reimburse you 110% of the cost of this.

Let me know if this helps. No matter what, we’ll support you and find a solution that let’s you enjoy your wheels fully.

FYI @CWayman the internal width of the rim is 18mm

Hey attilashelton

I have put the wheels in my LBS on Saturday 27th and asked them to check the spoke tension coincidently. I’ll ask them what they have set it too when I get them back (today hopefully)


Hey hbonin

I’ll help you however I can. Although the Cervelo S3 2014 as far as im aware only supports a 25mm tyre I think and when the Conti 25mm is inflated it is more than like 28mm which I would say isn’t supported by the frame,

I run Conti 23mms now and when inflated are 24.6mm using a measure so supported by the frame but still rubs the frame.

I’ll report back anything else I find.


Hey James

Thanks for the internal width answer. That should be ideal for the frame.

When the wheel is tight in the frame you can move the wheel easily enough without too much side pressure with your hand to touch the frame. But it doesn’t feel necessarily loose.

Good advice. I will definitely try this advice if the newly tightened spoke tension from my LBS shop doesn’t fix it. Also, I’ll ask what they have set it to as well to make sure it is possible to have 10kgf more as wouldn’t want anything damaged.

I will hopefully get the bike and wheels back today - 30th May.


Awesome, just send a photo of the receipt to and we’ll reimburse you!

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Hey James

Unfortunately the bike shop just gave me a call and said the wheel is faulty.

They said with no tyre seated it was true and had no problems. But as soon as the tyre was seated and inflated to even 80psi the rim warped and was no longer true and went out as much as 8mm. They also said that part of the rim was no longer flat on one side of the rim and actually bulged out slightly.

This all coming from one of the best wheel builders in the area.

For a rear wheel only have approx 300 miles on dry this very worrying.

I will forward the receipt to you for his work but this still leaves me with a defective wheel.

Where can be go from here please?