Become an Ambassador, Earn Free Gear

The Tokyowheel Ambassador program is live today, in public beta. I’m going to explain to you what this is, why we’re doing it, and how you can start, right now, for free. I also want to ask you to help us make the program better by giving your feedback in comments and on the forum.

What is it?

The Ambassador program is a way for us to reward community members for promoting Tokyowheel, and helping us grow. Ambassadors will be able to earn store credit that can be used when purchasing wheels from us. There will be 2 different ways to earn credit - referrals and bounties.

A referral takes place when an Ambassador shares their personalized link to the Tokyowheel website, and the person they shared it with eventually buys wheels. The Ambassador's account will be credited automatically.

A bounty is a task that an Ambassador completes. For example, helping to translate our website, submitting proof of winning a race etc.

Why are we doing this?

We spend a lot of time talking with our customers. There have been days where I've personally answered 375 emails from community members offering suggestions, encouragement, and positive feedback.

A lot of them ask how they can help promote Tokyowheel - about becoming a sponsored cyclist, a semi-pro dealer, a local sales rep, or doing online promotion. Many customers also ask if they can get something when their friends purchase from us on their recommendation. We love these ideas, and the Ambassador program will enable people in every one of these situations moving forward.

The program launches today, and with your support, we'd love to grow it into a core part of our business. It's our quiet hope that down the line it becomes an entirely new type of relationship between a company and a community.

What do you get if you want to take part?

You get your own personal share link and page on the Tokyowheel Website. As the program matures, your Ambassador page will become your own personal storefront. Check out mine here You’ll get exactly the same thing.

When someone clicks your share link, they are tagged as being referred by you, and when they buy wheels, you'll receive a store credit commission. They will also see a notice on the top of each page letting them know that any purchase they make goes to support you as an Ambassador.

You'll also get a dashboard and the ability to track your performance. We hope to flesh this area out with more content down the line.

In the near future, you will get access to Ambassador-only products that will not be available for general sale. These products will only be available for purchase with Ambassador store credit.

Last but not least - you get to be part of a global community of like-minded cyclists, that all want to improve their riding, their health, and their lifestyle together. Awesome!

How do you start?

Go to

Check out this quick tutorial showing you how to signup and what your Ambassador dashboard looks like.

In this next tutorial, I am going to show you how to customize your Ambassador profile and landing page.

Make sure to post any requests, ideas for improvement or negative feedback to the Ambassador Forum here. We need your help to make this program grow!


In principle the idea seems good but I think it could introduce new things.
You can give personal discount coupons to each ambassador to attract more customers and have more room to negotiate, at least initially.
In this way it could also solve a problem that I think might happen. It may happen that someone makes a purchase through an ambassador, but if the buyer inadvertently makes the purchase through the official website, the ambassador would not be reflected and has no reward.
With personal coupons always remain aware of who has been the ambassador who has made that sale.
I hope you understand what I mean.

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Great feedback @jrenesarberas. We’ve got this on the roadmap. The only holdup is we want to move away from giving cash discounts. We’d like to provide increasingly better products and experiences. It’s hard to do that if you devalue the product through a lot of discounts. So what we are thinking is that we will provide the option for bonus accessories when someone is referred by an ambassador. Cycling kit, wheel bags, that kind of stuff. What do you think?


I will try to explain what I mean and why I think that discounts are needed initially.
I think there are only two ways to introduce the product on the market.

1 - Investing money in advertising, publicizing the product, give opportunity to people to try it, etc. in short invest in marketing.

2 - Investing money in that people can buy the cheapest product (coupons)

I think it’s better the second option because the same buyers will be in charge of making all the marketing campaign the first point. The more wheels on the road, more publicity and more likely that people are interested in them. The best advertising is word of mouth among people.

I’ll try to have as the Spanish market and its buyers works.

Since the fever of carbon wheels and in the three years I’ve been following this market have created many brands of wheels in Spain, all have the same system, buy the rings carbon Chinese manufacturers and assemble them by hand in Spain.
Those who have succeeded are those who have chosen to sell cheap at first to fill the roads of wheels, the wheels begin to see, people start to know them, interested and finally decided to try them.

An example of a specific brand that was born three years ago, he started selling its first wheels for 500-550 euros, a very tight for good quality wheels price, people began to try and buy these wheels. Began operating on word of mouth among people and quickly got the whole country knew the brand.
From there they were introducing more models, new products and continuing price adjustments up to the present. Now the brand has a catalog of wheels where the wheels cheaper cost 850 euros, have wheels like those that have won the Tian Desert MTB 2016 that cost 1450 euros and 1675 euros wheels up.
Currently this brand of wheels is arguably one of the best selling brands in Spain.

Another problem I find in Spain and in the euro area in general is the exchange, I put as an example the price of the wheels bought two years ago.

With EPIC 38-50 Sapim - $ 1,179 (875 euros in 2014) in 2016 now same wheels 1050 euros, 175 euros more expensive. However someone who lives in USA for example pays the same price as two years ago.

In short, discounting is not to devalue the product, simply invest in publicizing the product.
Sorry for my bad English but I hope you understand what I think.


If you would like to propose a higher ambassador commission, please post here.

Is the page still active?
I only get blank white page?
— Just tried again, the link works.

Thanks for pointing this out. For whatever reason the forum system is not linking correctly. The link

Is still active and working.

As a last resort you may need to copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

Let me know if there is any other way I can help. Thanks.

Thanks James.
It is working fine now.
Thanks for the help.