Blue brake pads do not fit


I did purchase and have received the wheels described in our discussions. We have problem that hopefully you could please solve.

We had an previous Email about the blue pads not fitting the 4ZA Cirrus brakes.

You had mentioned a different pad that you were planning to offer…

I am unhappy in that blue brake pads do not fit my brakes. The pads are too large and will only slide 1/3 into the brake pad holder before binding. Cannot insert the pads fully.

The blue pads are measured physically larger than the Cirrus present pads. These blue pads are not manufactured correctly.

Should I return all or what can the Tokyowheel warranty offer ?

Wheels were delivered to its destination on 12 December, 2017 13:33.

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Hey @blackrockb52,

Thanks for your post, our support team has probably already helped you out, but i wanted to let you know that we can certainly help you with your brake pads. We’ll give you some tips on how to open up your brakes a little wider, and if that doesn’t work you can do some things to reduce the width of your current pads. Just send me an email at if you’re still having issues. We’re here to help! Thanks!

The issue with the brake pads is that they do not slide freely into the brake mounts. Really cannot insert more than 60% into the brake holders and then they lock solid.

May need to consider the Full Flash Pro that have the actual pad holder.

Measured with dial micrometer and your blue pads and the Swiss EVO pads are physically larger than the original pads

Thanks for helping me to understand the issue more. The most important thing to know is that we’re here to support you and make sure this gets resolved as quickly as possible in the best way for you.

That’s very interesting what you’ve said about the pads not fitting your brake shoes. This isn’t something we’ve hear from customers before. The relatively rare issue we normally hear is brake calipers not opening wide enough to fit the pads and the wide rims.

We can certainly send you some new pads, incase your specific units were somehow out of dimensional spec.

How else can we help you? I want to turn this bad situation around, into something that is good for you.

Thanks again for posting!!

Thanks for your concern.
My current brake holders are labelled “For Alloy” and as your blue pads do not slide in full - past the 60% before binding extremely tight… I believe I will need to get entirely new holders like the FULL SWISS STOP?
Here is the link for an image

Please advise as I want to be safe when stopping!

Thanks for posting. Yes, that would be my recommendation, to get some new brake shoes that fit the pads. Almost every brake shoe fits the pads we supply, but there are always going to be some edge cases, like yours, where the pads won’t fit. I always recommend Swiss Stop Yellow King, so you’d be great going with those pads and shoes. You would also be good using a Shimano 105 , Ultegra, dura ace, brake shoe. Let me know if that helps your issue, or if you need any more advice. I want you to be out riding ASAP! Thanks again!