Carbon Wheels 101 (And Other Emails)

Everyday people signup to our Carbon Wheels 101 email course, and the feedback is generally very positive. This is the place to request more content or comment about the current content. We want to make this Course and all our emails as helpful as possible. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We have had the following requests recently:

  • Send the emails more quickly. Waiting 3 days per email is too long, especially for someone in race season.
  • Give more DIY tips like, how to setup the cassette, etc.

If there is any other content you would like to see, let us know here. Thanks!

Tubulars are recognized for the great ride and light weight more info about rim preparation for gluing or even the taping method or the “Belgium Way” for gluing tubies might be nice. There are tons of resources on YouTube, etc but something from the manufacturer might be nice to have too.