Check your Tokyo Wheels upon delivery

Apparently, I have received a disappointing EPIC5.6 wheelset. I have emailed to Kane, James and “questions” mailbox and only Kane replied saying that he would have to check on with the technical staffs.

I have yet to take another step as it seems like almost 24hours from the last reply and I think I would like to share with everyone my experience of Tokyowheel. I’m not even sure of riding with the wheelset. Bought fresh Schwalbe tyres and Schwalbe extra light tubes awaiting for installing into the wheelset. Received the delivery extremely fast from the courier.

But upon opening up the box (which is well good shape) and found the wheelset. Saw the flaws on the carbon rims. It is obviously not even manufactured properly. Carbon fibre is something really sensitive. Any lousy manufacture means integrity of the wheelset is compromised. I have send the photos to them and yet they would need to check. No idea how long more I would have to wait but I’m sure that I would never want to touch the wheelset with my bike unless it is a perfectly manufactured and also properly true wheelset. Now, it makes me worry further after reading the thread “Extreme caution about buying Tokyo Wheels”, I’m not even sure if I should send the wheelset to my mechanic to inspect before I use them. Probably, he would laugh at me as I’m already using a damn good china carbon wheelset with Chris King hubs. As far as I search online, there’s never a complain I can find for this china carbon wheelset. I will not name the brand here but it’s really a very good recommendation by my mechanic cum good friend cum good bro.

It would the thought of giving Tokyowheel a chance to show their quality and I ending up creating more trouble to myself. Seems very disappointing at the moment. I wonder how much longer I would have to tolerate on the wheelset that is stucked in my storeroom for nothing.

got replies from Kane to get replacement rims and hoping to receive it soon while i have to make a trip to get it laced up. lots of hard work and hope it would be fine when the replacement rims are here

finally got it laced up with the replacement rims sent by Tokyowheel. I believe Kane has been very patient on handling the matter. well done on the after sale service of Tokyowheel. next stop… wheel testing time… spinning the wheels by hand seems fast and good. no idea on tje bike yet.

my initial wheelset i have is a CK hub with 45mm deep carbon rims… gonna use Tokyowheel EPIC 5.6 to tell the differences… my history… I have used fulcrum 7, fulcrum zero and reynolds aero 46… let see the results soon…

tried the wheels. quite a good wheelset for the price. in detailed of the review, rims are good. fitted nicely with my Schwalbe Pro One 23c tyres. the hub wasn’t as good as a Chris King hub but I think it isn’t right to compare with Chris King. The ceramic bearings for the hubs are very smooth and good for a start. with such a price, i think it’s more than the value i paid for.
However, 55mm and 65mm depth rims are a little too heavy for me. it takes a lot of pick up speed from stationary position. But once if you could hit around 38km/h to 40km/h, the wheelset would work it’s way.