Clincher Disc Rear Wheel

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If you are interested in a clincher rear disc wheel (not disc brakes), then speak up here. If you are more interested in a 90mm deep front 110mm deep rear wheelset, also speak up here. We will listen.

I feel your business would benefit from having a rear disk wheel available for purchase because your main competitors in terms of price and brand have them. The one that comes to mind is Flo Cycling. Flo has a disk out there and I have tested it out. For the price its an extremely good value for a disk, but there is a problem with it for lightweight and even mid-weight cyclists it is far too heavy. Climbing is not possible. I think if you put out a more versatile lighter carbon disk wheel your product would definitely beat competitors and offer your consumers a better, faster racing option especially for triathlon. Also personally I know people in the cycling community would like to invest in wheel companies that offer everything, so that they don’t have too mix and match; I would feel more comfortable buying a pair of 88’s knowing I could also by a rear disk that could be easily swapped. Furthermore, I would go into the microeconomics of this, but I feel it would stray too far away from cycling. In conclusion I think your company would definitely grow your consumer base if you invested in putting out a rear disk.


Personally, my ideal setup would be to have three wheels, a pair of 60s and a disc for racing. I suspect that a decent portion of those buying the deepest rear wheel offered are doing so because you do not offer a disc. Alternatively, they may just be purchasing a disc somewhere else (like Flo).


I am definitely keen on a clincher disk… Currently running a tubular disk but want to move a clincher… Preferably 23-25 width.

I’ve added Clincher Disc to our Roadmap (See the Roadmap Here). Making changes to our plan based upon your feedback is part of being a customer centered company, and we appreciate everyone’s input. Please let us know what you would like to see in the Tokyowheel Clincher Disk.

Maybe the Clincher Disc Wheel with removable hub conversion to track is an option as extra but maybe that would swing the production costs up and demand is not there?

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Use your 60mm or 88mm rear wheel and put a plastic cover on it!

Or Tokyowheel must do some research and make a carbon cover :wink:
Cheaper for everyone!


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@bikedotcomshop, interesting point. The HED Jet disc are an example of this direction.

A disc wheel definitely has appeal for me if the hub can also be converted to a fixie for track racing. I think you need this versatility to appeal to a wider market and it would help me to justify the investment.

Hub inflexibility is the main reasons why I have been hesitant to commit to a disc.

James, in the first post on this topic you mention that the deepest rim you make is 1080 deep. Is this correct? I thought the Epic 88s were your deepest rim.
I have used a Zipp 1080 in time trials this year and found that depth to be very versatile. In the absence of a disc I think this would be a good alternative.

Hi jvam41,

Thanks for posting. Let me clarify, that first post was asking if anyone wants a 110mm deep rear wheel. And if they do, to please post here. We don’t currently make a 110mm deep rear wheel, but I think its a good idea.

The big questions is will our next generation Triathlon wheelset use a 110mm deep rear rim or a rear disc. Any preferences?

I would choose the 110mm.

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