Clincher Track Wheelset?


A/ Just a random thought, maybe it’s a good idea to offer a basic clincher track wheelset in future, with small flange track hubs? Something similar to the Mavic Ellipses?

B/ To jump on the Clincher Disc Rear Wheel - topic, maybe develop as one of the first brands a strong clincher disc track wheel? Like Mavic Comete?


Thanks for your post. We get a few requests now and then for track/ single speed wheelsets.

Actually we used to offer track hubs. We offered chub hubs and then we had some (in my opinion very lame) Novatec Hubs.

We had to discontinue it for the following reasons.

  • The Chubs hubs were too hard to keep in stock because of the business model that The Hive had. It was just not a doable business model. FYI this is the same with almost all famous brand hubs. I won’t get into the math, but basically you add up all the variables in the supply chain(time, cost, revenue, profit, etc) and either it’s possible or not, and all the name brand track hubs weren’t possible.

  • Then we had these lame Novatec flip flop hubs (which I personally hated). Having that option available brought down our sales of road bike wheels, because people thought all our hubs were made by novatec (Non of them are, except for that discontinued track hub).

  • We noticed a disproportionally large number of exchanges and support issues with single speed and fixed gear hubs. These weren’t issues with the product, they were issues with the customer not understanding fully what they were buying (i.e. buying tubulars and not knowing what tubulars were). You’re going to hate me for saying this, but my hypothesis is that the simpler bike allowed customers with a lower knowledge of cycling, which resulted in more support issues. Basic 80/20, it was a low volume, high problem, customer group.

  • We have a model customer description, which is a 30~65 year old high income male road cyclists, that may also participate in Triathlon or cyclocross. There are more details that go into the model customer description, which I won’t get into now. Basically targeting fixed gear and single speed hubs meant we were selling to people outside of this model customer description. So in the interest of not alienating our model customer, we discontinued track and single speed hubs

At this time we have no plans to reintroduce them.

P.S. I love my fixed gear road bike, and I think that single speed MTB is awesome as well. But we based this decision on the undeniable facts of the business. Sorry!

Thanks for your great post and feedback, don’t get too bummed that we won’t have fixed/ singlespeed. :smile:

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Totally understand your feedback and point of view!
Not bummed at all, got a road bikes also! :slight_smile:

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We’ve been getting a lot of requests for track wheels the past few weeks. All the above mentioned points are still standing, but the request volume is becoming a reality.

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The rims and technology is standing it will only be a matter of finding the right hubs and how large you make the section for track wheels?

We’ve listened and now track hubs are available. Check out the announcement here.