Disc brake hub and spoke combination question

I was about to order a set of disc brake wheels and noticed the only option is to upgrade to Sapim CX-ray spokes. Is there a reason that Pillar spokes aren’t offered for the disc brake hub?

Received my Elite 38 disc brake wheels today which I’m going to use for the remainder of CX season. I decided to go with Challenge Fango tubulars. After everything is glued I’ll post a few pictures of the new setup. I am looking forward to the first ride on these and most certainly the first race.

This is a very delayed response, sorry. But the reason is that we want to make sure you use stronger spokes and the polyax nipples for offroad use.

Thanks James for the info. I also noticed that for added durability that the disc brake hub wheels come with 2-cross on the front wheel while my road rim-brake clinchers come radial laced. Given the abuse that cyclocross wheels receive this added benefit is appreciated.

@attilashelton, yes, and the braking forces on the front wheel would make radial lacing very unsuitable. How have your wheels been performing? Any other feedback? Thanks!

Hmmm, feedback. I’m a runner who pretends to ride bikes and I’m a lightweight at 128 lbs (~58 kg) so I’m not worried about radial laced front or non-drive side wheels but it might be a nice option for heavier riders to choose the lacing pattern for wheels.
Another idea would be to have the ability to customize the wheels a little more with different colored nipples. You’ve already given us the option of the colored labels but some might like an added level of customization. The costs to maintain additional stock would be the downside for Tokyowheel.

I had hope to race the new disc wheels this past weekend but I had a problem with the rear wheel and the glue so will have to try again. Let you know when I get to ride them.

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