Epic 7.10

Hi all, good dayi would like to share my experience with the epic 7.10

I had a bike before that is not really fit on me and I have this miche race 707 alloy rims that I love. I am more of sealed bearings than loose bearings. So the wheels that came with my new purchase of specialized shiv (February last year) goes to my old bike that I sold to a friend.

So, from my old alloy wheels that I used for almost 2 years to a carbon wheels I know exactly the huge difference between the two different type of wheels.

I do triathlons. Deciding to what depth of the rim should I get was really a hard one. After doing research and reading reviews, I decided to go with the TW epic 7.10

The doubt was that I know having a more deeper rim on the front is more risk of having “uncontrollable” cockpit. I was considering my weight because on aero position, more of my weight is on the front as I am sitting almost on the end of my saddle. I weight around 115-120 lbs. and I was thinking that it isn’t enough to battle the crosswind having a deeper rim on front. I was considering getting the 50 for the front.

So I made the final decision and purchase the 7.10 for a very single reason. — this wheelset is for someone who does triathlons and that the front wheel is designed for crosswind.

Here is my experience.

I rode my bike first for 10 miles on flat and on the windy weather. 24 knots on that day. I got the wheels monday and tried it Saturday.
Man! I know I can still go fast but I was still on the process of knowing my wheels so I took it easy. The wheels spins smooth and the feeling of “having a wheel” is there! If you know what I mean.
I felt I stantly the edge of having a deep carbon wheels compare to having a alloy rim wheels on head wind. On yaw angles, it was an ease.
Less effort, less energy pedalling just to get forward on headwind.

So I took the bike again the next day for our last training sessions. We did the half of the distance of the half iron. 28 miles for the ride.
I have a friend that has a cervelo p2 that he bought brand new that comes with a alloy rim wheels. He said if I will be more faster than my previous rides, he might consider buying a carbon wheels also.

It was again a windy weather 27-28 knots.
On strong cross wind, I can feel the effect o. The wheel but I am still able to control the bike. It was scary at first but I felt excitement after.
The front wheel really can adapt to crosswinds.
Just be aware and do not be too confident, make sure if you have a deeper rim on front and cycling on crazy crosswind, make sure hold your aero bars firmly. I almost crash when the wind bangs me on the side while holding my bars lightly. But, the wheel is really good. With almost being crashed, I was able to control it. This made me smile knowing that TW claim is true.

To cut the story short, yeah I left my friend behind amused and I was 5-6 mins faster than my previous rides on the same distance,same course, almost same weather condition and this happens with less effort. This coming Sunday is the half iron event and it will not be a regular training session. So the competitive mode will be there and it will be a more speedy ride, for sure.

I will let you know guys. Just wish me luck not to get flat wheels.

Hey @CesarRicoAparil, that’s awesome to hear! This is exactly the type of experiance we want you to have. Send some photos, and good luck on Sunday!

Hi Cesar, good, write up. Its been nearly 2 years now that I have the TW tri set (old version) on my Cervelo P3 and the crosswind experience is indeed to our benefit. To add to my example, the slightest deviation from headwind to any minor angle of 10degree or more will lead to an acceleration. i noticed it at first during Cobra IM Cebu heading into strong coastal winds, pushing hard to maintain 30kmph, and when the road turned a little the bike took off with the same power and speed increased to 36kmph without any added effort.
The bike design and wheel combo add to the equation. if you are just on the side of a rider who cuts your wind then it loses momentum. This means you do better by making pass on the windy side (if allowed).
Good luck in your race!

Hi Marcel. Thanks. You will love the 7.10 for sure. I did go 48kph or 30mph on flat. But I am still on the process of getting to know my wheels since I only used the wheels on 2 occasions. When I know I am on the spot where crosswind blows hard, I slow down and make sure I am holding the aero bars firmly. This is my very first aero deep wheels and I love it. This Sunday will be the longest mileage for the wheels to test. Always have fun and be safe on the road always.

Hi James. Yes, I do noticed the Improvement on my cycling. Wheels are smooth. However, as I have mentioned to Kane, the rear wheel is not as trued as the front wheel. Front wheel is perfect!
The rear wheel roundness is perfect as the front wheel but it wobbles twice and I can see the imperfection on it as I see the perfection of the front. But the wheels are awesome!
Let’s deal with it after the Sunday’s half iron distance. Cheers! I will let you know.

Hi Marcel. I am glad that you have been in cebu, i am from the Philippines. Doing the cobra IM cebu is on my list. I probably do it next year. I hope to see you there if time permits. Yeah bro, congrats. Take care always.

I have a quick question, I am a heavy set guy, 250 lbs and I’m going for Epic 88. Should get the Ceramic hubs or go for the big gun DT Swiss 240 straight pull? Salamat…

hi cervelo p5. I would suggest to get the dt swiss hub. my personal reason is that straight pull is much more stronger than the common j-bend spokes although their spokes (j-bends) are already durable. I was also considering the ceramic bearings due to its very less rolling resistance but you can just upgrade your dt swiss bearings to a enduro xd-15 ceramic bearings which I found super smooth when I replaced my bb bearings and pulley wheel jockeys to enduro xd-15 bearings. at the moment, I have the 7.10 wheelset with upgraded dt swiss hub 240s straight pull. this hubs spins super smooth even with the high grade steel bearings that is fitted in the hubs. I will hold on to this for the meantime to maximize the use of the bearings. but I will def replace it with xd-15 ceramic bearings from enduro in the near future. about your choice of epic 88, that is good. my experience with the 7.10 is so far great. if you will get the 88, you should upgrade your spokes to sapim xray due to your massive weight. but I would consider the 7.10 with upgrades if you are more in a triathlon field. there is a huge difference between the 88 and the 7.10.
walang anuman.

good day. i have been super busy at work this past weeks and had this chance to visit the tokyowheel site.
i participated in last month’s 10 mile time trial and i won 1st place in elite category 4.
that is right after 3 days coming out from 2 weeks illness. no training, first timer on the field. under these circumstances, the wheels made the event easier for me.
i have seen some with their disc wheels and it looks cool and fast. @James_Ferrer -iwould like to have my first disc wheel from tokyowheel so please put this into consideration. it would be another great product for sure.

@CesarRicoAparil, congratulations! Great work on your win.

Good suggestion about the disc wheel! It’s been on my radar for a while, and it’s about time we put it into production.

Any specifics you want to see in the disc?

@James_Ferrer, a full carbon disc wheel, dt swiss hubs. mostly same profile of the 7.10
like this will be the tokyowheel’s first and signature disc wheel that one can be proud of to have. thanks. next year?

Won 2nd place on my age group and 11th place overall- sprint distance in this year’s Cayman Island Annual Triathlon.

Eversince i got my 7.10 Epic with upgraded hubs and spokes, my cycling performances became more competitive, enjoyable and fun.

@James_Ferrer, I hope tokyowheel soon make a full carbon disc wheel. I will do my very first full ironman in june 2019. i hope i can have the disc right on time for this.

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Great work Cesar! Keep it up!!

Can we choose the 2:1 lacing in the rear wheel, to make it stiffer?

I’m a amateur triathlete, and i’m between the 7.10 epic and the Classic 88, both with ceramic hub and spoke upgrade. I weight around 70-72 kgs.

Any opinions?

Great question. We only offer 2:2 lacing, which is actually the higher stiffness lacing pattern. Usually 2:1 is a good lacing choice to reduce weight at the expense of stiffness.

Go with the 7.10 it’s got an extra 12mm of rim depth on the rear which is designed for extra stiffness.

Let me know what you’re thinking and what other questions you have.