Epic clincher brake clearance

Hi I’ve just purchased some lovely Epic 50 clinchers but am having trouble with brake block clearance. I’ve tried every adjustment but the blocks are too close to the rim. The wheel fits easily into my Trek frame but I can’t seem to get good adjustment on brake block clearance. Would appreciate any advice. The brakes look like Shimano caliper type.

Hi Gareth, thanks for posting. You can go about this 3 ways.

  1. File or sand down the brake pads a little.

  2. Modify or replace the washers that allow for positioning of the brake shoes.

  3. If all else fails you can switch to a thinner harder pad like the Swiss stop yellow king.

Let’s me know if you have any difficulties or questions. Thanks!

For my first 2 sets of wheels the blue brake pads were included. With the 3rd set of wheels a set of black pads which are thicker arrived and I noticed right away that I needed to loosen the cable and make adjustments. I emailed James thinking that the black pads were shipped by mistake but this was not the case. Maybe some of the blue pads are still at the factory? Ask James if this is the case since for me I did not need to make adjustments to switch those.

This was a slightly unforeseen negative of our new black pads. They perform better, but they wear faster than our old pads and because of this are thicker by a few mm. In actuality we would like our pads to be thinner than normal, to accommodate for the wider rims (you can see ‘wide rim specific brake pads’ on our roadmap).

@attilashelton is right we could send you a few sets of our thinner blue stop pads. That’s probably the best solution, aside from the few days wait for shipping. @gareth_bevan let me know if you you like this and we will get the pads out to you right away. thanks.

Thanks Attilashelton and James for your responses. I tried some thinner washers on the blocks but still didn’t have quite enough. The only way was to leave one washer off each block which is not really satisfactory. James I would like to take up your offer of the blue brake pads, thankyou.

I did notice that the black pads wear quickly so it’s good to hear they’re expected to do so. Out of curiosity, which model or yr of Shimano of caliper are you rolling with? It might help others on the forum who are running the same or similar groupset.

Sure Gareth, we’ll ship our a few sets for you tomorrow, and I’ll email you the tracking number.

This is a prime example of an unintended ‘bug’ coming from what we thought would be a complete advancement.

We are definitely going to make changes to resolve this issue.

I had a few issues with the pads that came with the wheels so I swapped them for a set swiss cool stop pads. They have a lower profile and so far haven’t had any problems

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It’s an alloy dual pivot caliper with shimano 105 levers. 2012 I believe

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As I mentioned in the email I sent you privately, we have shipped out your replacement brake pads and you should have them in the next few days.

I just mounted Elite 60 on my bike and indeed it was wider than the previous alloy rims. Not sure this would work in all cases but letting out the brake cable 1/4" and making final tweaks with the cable adjustment worked for me. I am using Ultegra 6800 calipers.


Thanks James, have received the blue brake pads and they fit perfectly. No problems with the clearance now. Thanks to all who contributed their input to this thread

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Just to add my own experience when I installed the EPIC 38-50 wheelset into my 2013 Specialized Roubaix w/ Shimano105 brake set. I did have to loosen the adjusting bolt and open up the caliper to accommodate the thicker black brake pads.

Looks like JamesF already sent you some of the blue pads, but just thought I’d still add my experience.

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@CerveloP5 thanks again for describing the issue your having with fitting the rims inside your Magura brakes. I’ve heard other customers have this exact problem with magura brakes. They don’t seem to open as wide as some other models of brake calipers do, and therefore have a hard time fitting wider rims.

Here are a few things you can try.

  1. File or sand down the brake pads a little.

  2. Modify or replace the washers that allow for positioning of the brake shoes.

  3. If all else fails you can switch to a thinner harder pad like the Swiss stop yellow king. This isn’t as much of a benifit with the current BlueStop pads that came with your wheels. They are almost the same thickness as the yellow king pads.

Let me know if any of those techniques can help. Thanks!