Fluctuating wheel weights

Hi all!

Anyone else noticed that the specified wheel weights keep fluctuating?

I’ve been keeping track on the Epic 5.6 Pro (with the carbon hub) since I placed my order at the beginning of August. Thus far I have seen the wheelset gain weight from 1518 grams to 1641 grams. Today I noticed that the same wheelset had lost about 50 grams and now weighs in at a grand total of 1619 grams.

I asked about this when I first noticed the weight gain from 1518 to 1641 grams and was informed by @kane that the difference in weights over time is the result of ongoing development with different iterations of the hubs and rims coming in at different weights. Fair enough and acceptable when in the early stages of introducing a new generation of wheels.

Still, this raises the question now, with the new weight of 1619 grams this far into production and shipping of supposedly production-model wheels, is development still ongoing? Are we seeing different iterations/prototypes still being developed? Is it reasonable to be advertising, promoting and selling wheels for which the specs keep changing?

Any thoughts?

Hey Garo, thanks for commenting. Great eye for seeing the changes in weights, here’s what they mean.

When we presell a product we announce our best estimates in weights before final production. Once we have the finalised rim layup we update the weights to match.

In the specific case you mentioned, we actually had one other change in the displayed weights, which was due to a mistake in the weight display algorithm on our website. We have over 7000 different configurations of wheels and inorder to display the most representative weights we weigh the individual wheel parts and programmatically add them to display totals accordingly. We updated the way that we do those calculations, but made an error. We caught and fixed the miscalculation about a week later. So that’s where those changes came from.

We will also be updating the weights in the future as we iterate on production methods and optimize the carbon layup.

Thanks again for bringing this point up!

Hi James,

Does this mean that, say, an Epic 5.6 wheelset ordered in september may differ in weight from an Epic 5.6 wheelset ordered in january 2017, due to layup optimization and updated production metods that you may undertake during this time period?

That’s a great question, the answer is probably not. As you can imagine I have a roadmap of improvements and advancements and new products. We need to accomplish some other challenging milestones before we can begin implementing any of the next things I want to do with the Epic 5.6. So, I’d say it’s unlikely that you’ll see those in January. Maybe next summer.

Inorder to really take things to the next level we need to open a new factory, I’m looking for a location now, but we’re not going to be able to come to market with anything as a result of this, for a while. We’re getting started on it now :wink:

Cool! Sounds like you guys have a lot on your plate right now :wink:

Best of luck with the new factory plans!