Forum Activity

The activity on the forum seems very low lately; any ideas why there aren’t more posts?

Based on my experience, I believe forums such as these have more success on social media. People are already plugged into social media and on it several times a day. It’s easier to multi-task and visit many different groups from one spot. Have you considered a Tokyo Wheel group on Facebook?

That’s a good suggestion; maybe the Tokyowheel team will consider your suggestion. I just tend to check the TW forum 1X or 2X a week to see if any new activity and there hasn’t been much lately.

Hey guys, great topic. Yeah the form activity has been really low. Maybe one of the reasons is that I haven’t been on here very much discussing topics. That’s because I’ve been absolutely focused on our upcoming new products and new community initiatives. Once we get those going we will focus much more on our community activity. I can’t wait to tell you all about the new stuff, but we’ve got some work still left to do. Thanks for everything, you guys are the reason why we do all this

Any hints as to what’s coming? New carbon layups? Integrated power meter? New braking surface? Wheels with built in GPS? Lighter, more aero = less watts? Hmmm, my interest is peaked?