How easy it is to true the wheels if the need arise?

A cycling mate had to a lose spoke on a carbon wheel and had to go to the shop to true it again as a special tool was needed. Would I need to purchase a tool to true the 38 and 50 ?

The nice feature of Tokyowheel is that the spoke nipples are external. Some manufacturers will have the nipples internal which requires a special tool. For any wheels (carbon or alloy) with external nipples it is recommended to use the right tools for the job. You could certainly tighten a spoke nipple with in the US we call a “crescent wrench”; I think my family in Eire call a “spanning adjustable”. There are a large number of spoke wrenches from many companies; wrenchers have their own preference. You can pick one up cheap. You’ll want to ensure you don’t twist the spokes so a bladed spoke holder or for me my trusty crescent wrench holds the spokes while I make adjustments to the nipples. Minor adjustments can be made on the bike but a truing stand is always a nice to have tool but not an absolute necessity. So far my Tokyowheels have been solid and only needed serious truing when I was run off the road by a nice “hillbilly” in a pickup truck. Other than that just minor adjustment. Never overtighten on a carbon wheel or any wheel for that matter.This is also a good time to inspect the wheels, braking surface and just general preventative maintenance. Make sure you get the right size wrench. Tons of info online as tutorials. I can certainly make my suggestions but talk with you mates that true their own wheels and see what they’ve found as far as tools.

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Keep the forum updated when you get a chance. It would be nice to know how many km you ride your wheels before they need any attention, the types of roads you ride, if you’re a low or high wattage rider, etc.