Hubs difference in pictures needed

Hi, new here, and just got a wheel set from tokyowheels… Somehow I found out that I have vapor hubs and would like the ceramic ones…

If I buy the upgrade what is actually included in the kit, any pictures? Including the bearings?

Also, my rim has a sticker says sapim, does that mean I have the cx-ray?

Also I noticed that the hub upgrade kit includes the cx-ray spokes and ceramic hubs bearings, could it be that I already have the ceramic hub if the rim says sapim? Or does the hub have to have the bronze orange color? I currently have the one that looks like washed-out goldish color.

Is the upgrade easy if the wheel is in hand? Any guideline?

Any pictures to show the spoke difference?

Thank you.


Hi W,

It sounds like one of our guys may have accidentally put the Sapim Sticker on your rims. You can send me some photos at and we can verify for you. Thanks!

I don’t know about the straight pull spokes but on J-bend Sapim spokes you can see the name stamped near the spoke head on outside edge of bend. Therefore, look at the inside edge/facing interior to hub.

How interesting, ill check it out tonight, i also failed to say that around the rim after the J bend, the spoke is round for about 5mm long and then flat… so is on the the other end as well…

Thank you, i will look at it closely tonight.

The letters are on the round part near the j-bend. Look closely on that 5 mm round section nearest the hub on the interior side and if those spokes are Sapim you’ll see the stamped letters. You might need a magnifying glass…or at least I do as my eyes are not what they used to be now that I’m rapidly approaching 50.

Ha-ha, nothing is wrong with your eyes, the only letter I found is something that looks like a letter P on the flat round part that secures the spoke to the hub…

And because I am a new user I can not upload a picture I snapped…

So I guess with the sticker saying sapim, the letter P on that flat round part, and the fact that the spokes start round after the J bend for 5mm then becomes flat for aero dynamics then round again 5mm before the nipple, I can safely say I have sapim cx-ray spokes?


No they are not sapim I found this

The P I see on the spoke indicates I have a piller spoke. Very confusing.

Yep, those are Pillar spokes. Those aren’t bad spokes just not Sapim. I’ve got Pillar on 2 sets of my Tokyowheels and haven’t had any problems. The other set has Sapim and those no problems either. I ride my Epic 38s as daily trainers and those have the Vapor hubs, my Elite 38s are for cyclocross so for me the ability to source new bearings is very important since those hubs will take a beating and get more mud, dirt, water, and grit than my road wheels. I’m working with Kane on getting some new bearings. My Epic 50s have the DTSwiss 240s so I know I can get bearings basically from any shop so I’m thinking when I purchase the 3rd Gen Tokyowheels I’m going to only go for DTSwiss hubs.

Hey @attilashelton

How are you finding the Vapour Hub? Also how is the breaking during cyclocross?

I am very interested in buying several sets of Tokyo’s and am unsure about breaking in the wet conditions because even though i do not currently do cyclocross (going to start in the winter) i do race in all conditions.



Believe it or not i have not installed them yet, however, my build up bike finishes this saturday and it’s on a road bike not on cyclocross, regardless, the quality looks impeccable.

I’ll update when i can, but from holding in my hand, it looks like so much quality and enineering went into those wheels, doubt the fact they did not test the wet performance.



@CWayman , so far pleased with the Vapor hubs. Not sure if you saw in another thread that I just replaced bearings (very quick replacement) in my daily training rear wheel. They had about 4000 miles or 6000 KM; they didn’t have a failure but rather I began to notice a slight rough spot when spinning the wheels when removed from the bike while cleaning and maintenance. I decided to replace now instead of waiting. All hubs need maintenance so not surprised; even my Zipp 202s need adjustment of the preload every once in awhile.

My Tokyowheels for cyclocross are disc brake so braking is awesome; my coach Stefan who James posted a few pictures on the tokyowheel website road rim brake Elite 38s last year for CX and I suppose they stopped well enough. If you are going to buy a CX bike I’d recommend looking at disc. I switched from canti to disc last year and love it. When you apply the brakes on a disc they will stop you unlike canti brakes that tend to be consistent but not real grabby unless you go with mini-V brakes which some race organization allow and others may not.