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I am the ultimate decision maker here at Tokyowheel, ask me anything.


Any plans for adding a clincher disc to the tokyowheel product range?


@Thomas, Thanks for asking. In general we are opening up discussion for our next generation of wheels, and if the community feedback is such that an overwhelming desire for a disc is apparent, then we will make one. But honestly it’s not in the current product line specs. Our most aero wheelset in the spec (again, everything is up to discussion and change), is a 90mm deep front 110mm deep rear.

Some of it comes down to business. We see a linear trend of sales volume from Epic 38 through Epic 88 then a similar trend through the Elite line. What I mean by this is that our sales are as follows

  1. Epic 38
  2. Epic 50
  3. Epic 60
  4. Epic 88
  5. Elite 38
  6. Elite 50
  7. Elite 60
  8. Elite 88

So when we look at this data it shows that we should make a narrower depth clincher wheel before we make a disc. Again, that’s just based upon demand numbers.

That Being said, I am going to begin a Clincher Disc Thread and open it up to discussion. We want to support you and the cycling community, and if a disc is something that will help you out, then it’s our mission to make it for you.

Are you thinking on doing 3 o 4 spoke wheels someday?

No, sorry we don’t have any plan to do this.

Anything you say! So what does it take to get a job with your fine company?

Does Order Status “unfulfilled” mean it has yet to be shipped or does it mean its in transit and yet to be delivered? I am just wondering as its been 10+ days since the order.

Hi Marcel, thanks for asking. Usually we don’t discuss order status or customer information publicly, but in this case because you asked, I’ll give you some info.

Usually we take 3~4 days to hand build and test every wheelset order. In this case we had a spike in Epic 60 sales last week and sold our of your Epic 60 Front rim.We try to make sure this never happens, but in this case, it happened. Because of that your order is taking a few days longer than usual.

You saw the order note on your account page that shows the status of your order and estimated shipping date. I have noticed that your estimation information was not properly updated to reflect the current shipping estimate. Without getting too much into detail please know that the Colleague responsible for that oversight will receive additional training on how to keep shipping estimates and customers accurately informed. Let me know if you need anything else in the meantime, thanks!

if asked, I would have been willing to change the order to 88 front/back. I have a training camp to go to leaving here the 13th… please email me to take this discussion off line.

hi, do you make 650c tubular wheels for cx?



Hi Ben,

Thanks for the question. Sorry we only do 700c. Let me know any other question you have.

Hi James,
finally I’m going to purchase a pair of tokyowheels!
I guess if in case I get 2 pair of Wheels I can get a discount.

Second, my Teammate recently made 3rd position AG 30-34 at the IM 70.3 World Championship in Zell am-Kaprun (Luca Bertaccini is the name) and have won several races in Italy even if he is not a PRO.
He is a Doctor and he is very popular in the Triathlon community.
I was wondering if you could be interested in using him as Tokyowheel testimonial letting him use your wheels in the races. At the World Championships I gave him my Ax-Lightness AeroStream 55/80 wheelset.

Well, let me know soon so that I can make my moves!

Hey Luca,

Thanks for posting. Great to hear that your going to get some Tokyowheels. We’re excited to support you and your friend. Sorry but we don’t have any discounts for buying multiple products at once.

Your doctor friend sounds like a great competitor. We always love testimonials, but at the moment we aren’t sponsoring anyone new. Sorry.

Let me know if you have any questions about your upcoming wheels, I’m more than happy to help. Thanks!

My suggestion for future wheels, looking at more aggressive bladed aero spokes and reduce the count to 16 x 20?

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Great suggestion. We will consider this for future development. Thanks!