International Sponsored Cycling Team

My idea is to really showcase your wheels and other cycling products would be to sponsor an internation cycling team. That is athletes would be racing and training on your wheels from countries all over this WORLD. The athletes would not have to race together they would just be using your wheels and wearing gear with your logo and brand on it. The same logo on athletes from around the world using your wheels would be a great promotional idea for your company at a very low cost just your wheels . Getting pictures if these athletes using your product from all around the world and using these pictures with true reviews from these athletes on your wheels on your website as well as protional material could be an invaluable PROMOTIOM grot your company with

HUGE returns as well as international recognition of your company .

@mrolympia007, interesting. Who do you have in mind?

Well James I would live to be part of the team of course . But really I believe if you could find both men and women from different countries from around the world that are interested in your wheels . And it could be as little as one individual per country but the individuals would have to be active within the cycling community ( racing and possibly doing endurance races ) on your wheels. The individuals that you would sponsor would wear the same cycling gear with your logos during these competitions. The sponsored athletes would provide pictures and or videos of them wearing your companies cycling uniform while using your wheels during these competitions . A a United Nations of Tokyo Wheels if you will. I believe that it could be a very effective promotion for Tokyo Wheels. I would. definately sponsor individuals from the countries of Europe and the United States as well as China and other countries that you would want to market your wheels in . Your team would not have to be to large it could be 10 to 20 individuals all from different parts of the WORLD all wearing your companies cycling uniform and using your WHEELS. Thanks for listening and have a good day,


James you would have all the rights to all photos and videos of your International Cycling Team to use in any and all promotional materials ( website , posters of your athletes using your wheels)for Tokyo Wheels. The sponsored athletes would probable never even meet in person as the athletes would be from all around the globe / world. I would try to have althletes get good photos infront of promotional banners of the competition they are competing in example State Time Trial Championships . As I stated earlier I would love to be the United States Spinsored athlete if this is something that Tokyo Wheels is interested in. Thanks and have a good day.

I believe having a reliable team of individuals to promote your business and products. Having an international group of people racing and showcasing your wheels in events be it local or international would get you some great attention. I did a training ride recently with the race team Iā€™m with Bixby Cycle Works in Bixby Oklahoma, in Talimena Oklahoma. 6500 ft of elevation gain in 40 miles. I led the group and people were really impressed with how well the wheels performed and how well I could match the color scheme to my bike. I really believe that I would be a great quality tool to promote your brand, and would be honored to have the chance to do so. Thanks for your time and consideration and by the way happy thanksgiving everybody.

James what are your thoughts on the idea ofvan internationally Soonsored Cyvling Team to PROMOTE your wheels ( Tokyo Wheels around the Workd? Thanks and have a good day . Scott