Introduce Yourself

This thread is a central place for new Tokyowheel Forum members to introduce themselves and give everyone an idea of what they’re up to.

Some things you could cover:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you located?
  • What kind of cycling do you enjoy?
  • What other passions, etc, do you have?

Anything else you’ve got going on.


Hi All.

My name is Bernard Johnson, I am an avid Triathlete and cyclist based out of singapore.
I have been riding and racing now for about 5 years. Cycling came into my life just by chance, but took it by storm after I found out what enjoy it gave.

I started just casually riding with a little bit of running on the side to just get some general fitness and enjoyment out of it. However it wasn’t long till a competitive side came in and I did my first race, after that I was hooked.

in 2012 me and 13 other crazy cyclist did a ride across Malaysia, 800km in 43hours. in doing so we raised 100kUSD for charity and set a new record.

I love what cycling brings to people and the community it helps to grow. I will be looking into coming back into the competitive scene at the end of this year and having a solid year next year.

Other interests involve touring countries, both with and without a bike, tasting new cuisines, and seeing new sights.

that’s all for now
take it easy

ride safe


Howdy Y’all,
I am Jeffrey from Texas, USA. I have been a runner for as long as I can remember but these days I have found a new passion in cyclocross. I enjoy riding my cyclocross bike in the greenbelt near our home and at my coaches urging I will ride on the road. I love any endurance sport as long as it doesn’t involve swimming which is just the opposite of my wife who loves to swim and compete in triathlons. Being from Texas we love to visit any place that we can ski or in my wife’s case snowboard. Now get out there and do what gets you moving!


Hello Fellow cyclists, my name is Ralf Woodlund, I am British and live in Sweden. I can’t decide which is best XC MTB or Road Racing therefore I do both:)) been cycling for 30 years and stick mainly to sportive events in Scandinavia. So many countries to visit and cycle but for me my two top choices are Andalucia in Spain and Norway. You can find me on Strava if interested in places to cycle:))


Hello everyone,

My name is Johan from belgium.
I wake up and go to sleep with the thought "bicycle"
Cycling is an addiction for me :slight_smile: i am constantly searching (and sell) for new “performance” enhancing novelties on the market and If you are becoming older, you have to “be smarter than your opponent” :wink:

Now my focus is on “TOKYOWHEEL” I think this is a unique product with a huge growth margin.

Be smart and fast!!!



Hi all, I’m Orkatz Barbara from Bilbao (Basque Country) my passion are the beautiful steel bikes and climbing al the huge hills we have here. I’m 28 years old and I have spent a lot of time looking for aerodinamic wheelset that fits the things I look for on bike stuff, economic, durable, good perfomance and sexy, and this tokyowheels are the right choice for me.


ride & roll!


Hey guys and girls. I’m Les Myrick, I live in Sand Springs Oklahoma on the outskirts of Tulsa. I’m 30 yrs old and I’m an avid cycling nut job haha. Started back in 08 and have been striving everyday to be better, stronger and smarter at the sport of cycling than the day before. I’m a disabled army vet and picked up cycling as an alternative means, and to help in aiding the rehabilitation I was receiving from the VA. And what started as just as exercise and rebuilding my strength has flourished into a life building and changing experience. At the least, cycling has done more than to help me, it has saved my life. i literally fell onto the Tokyo wheel website just searching for a good deal on a carbon fiber wheelset. And did I ever! The quality has been very good and so has the customer company relationship. I have to say I was skeptical and had my doubts at first. But I wouldn’t trade my epic clincher’s for anything.


Hi All,

I’m Owain Matthews originally from North London, living permanently in Sydney, Australia. I am a triathlete and have been for 3 years, but spent over 15 years as a runner. I’m heavily into Ironman racing now and looking to go back to Kona next year if I qualify at IMWA in December.
I am hugely passionate about health and exercise, I coach triathlon and running, work in the Education Department at Macquarie University. i have ridden Tokyowheels for about a year for training and racing and qualified for Kona on my set of EPIC 88 clinchers.
Great to see a company willing to collaborate and develop with its riders and reach such a wide range of riders across the world. Keep up the great work.


Hello All!
My name is Andrew Rockwell and I’m a Cat 2 Road and Cyclocross racer and the Vice President of a prominent (all ages) cycling club in Calgary, Canada. I’m a complete cycling nut - I eat, breathe, and sleep bicycles and bike racing. While I know that lungs, legs, and a smile are more important than the bike you’re riding; I must admit that I’m a total gearhead at the same time…perhaps due to my background as a mechanical engineer.

I have financial commitments that keep me from being able to afford all of the upgrades (like carbon wheels) that I would like to make to my bike to stay competitive within my field. In my search for an affordable alternative I was lucky to stumble upon Toykowheel. While I have yet to purchase a set of Tokyowheel, I hope to have the pleasure shortly. After a very successful 2014 road racing season (which I hope to follow up with a successful cyclocross season) I hope I might be able to arrange an agreement with Tokyowheel to represent the brand from here in Western Canada. I think I can offer product testing through racing and training, technical feedback, and a large amount of exposure to a large audience of racers and my fellow club members!

With the introduction of the Tokyowheel forum I also hope I can share ideas and contribute to the success of this brand!!


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Hi there everyone,

My name’s James and I’m from the South of England. I’m a competetive road cyclist who took up the sport after having organised a 1000 mile 14-day charity cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats (the entire length of the UK ) for Cancer Research UK. After completing that and raising over £10,000 I joined a local cycling club and have become truly addicted ever since.

I’m now part of Extreme Element Endurance Coaching Junior Development race team where I’ve attained a 3rd Category British Cycling race licence and have met some truly awesome people along the way. We’ve been lucky enough so far to be sponsored by a locallaly based nutrition provider Mulebar and are looking to get more sponsorship along the way to support our growing team that is now pushing on into not only road
races but mountain bike enduro events.

I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people in the forum and its great to be able to speak directly with a company about this sport. Find me on strava .

All the best,

James Meakin



Hey everyone,
My name is Chris. I will be 25 on Monday, and I live in Connecicut (USA). I’ve worked in a bike shop as a mechanic for the past 4~ years, I’m also going to University full time for Nutrition. I got into cycling via fixed gears about 5 years ago. I quickly added road cycling into the mix when I started working in the shop. Most recently I picked up a cross bike and entered my first ever race this past Saturday. I’m looking to race on the road as well, and probably do some mountain biking at some point.
When I’m not at work,school, or on my bike I like to travel,go bowling, general hanging out. I’m also teaching myself Japanese and looking to go to Japan for a second time this winter.
I look forward to these forums and learning from everyone with more experience than I have!


Nick from Victoria, BC, Canadaaaaaaa!!

Competitive Triathlete working my way up the ITU ladder! I am a vegan of 5 years and competitive athlete for the past 2 years. I started in high school running for health/fitness, added cycling to commute, then competitive, competed in Duathlons starting in 2008, and got into Tri’s in 2012 when I did my first Sprint distance Tri claiming 3rd in my age group! I now finish top of the podium at most of my races and plan on repeating that on a World stage in Olympic and Long Distance events!

I’m also a triathlon coach, personal trainer, and student!

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G’day all. I am Steve from Canberra Australia.

I am in my fifties and a late starter to road cycling - about 3 years ago. I enjoy riding with my mates around our region, which is reasonably hilly. I also enjoy criterion racing over the summer.

I generally ride 3-4 times a week and average 200 or so kms per week. Our group (named 3L Team) enjoy challenge rides, such as the recent Amy Gillett Gran Fondo in Lorne Victoria, Around the Bay in Melbourne, Hartley Challenge etc.


Happy cycling

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Hi everyone,

My name’s Jeremy. I’m 21 years old and go to school at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvannia. I started road biking when in highschool to get to and from rowing practice. Then a summer ago I did my first triathlon at the Jersey Shore and I have been hooked ever since. Currently, I am trying to spread the sport of triathlon in my community by founding my college’s triathlon club. We are pretty close to complete and hopefully by spring our team will be out in South Carolina competing at USAT Collegiate Nationals. With school started, my biking practices have become alot more specialized and hard compared to the stuff I was doing in the summer. Weekly, I am averaging a little over a 100 miles and hopefully the tough work pays off with the remaining race I have planned. So far this season has been a success, I have won my age-group and finished in the top 30 in every race I have competed in this year and I know the future seasons ahead of me will be even better.


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I am from Newcastle Australia and and am a lover of super fast #Fixies and currently have two that I get out and about on weekends. I love the pure simplicity of Fixie riding and enjoy pushing the boundaries of my Leader 725 and Specialized Fixies.

I currently ride for the enjoyment/fitness and sometimes just to the local coffee shop. I do about 600km per month on the Fixie and love tracking down dudes on their racing bikes and seeing if I can stay on their tale. I love tackilng new hills and really enjoy riding around the city late at night when the streets are empty.

I came across Tokyowheels last January and have been riding EPIC 88 Clinchers ever since… I absolutely love the ride of these wheels and the looks compliment the stealth look of my bike perfectly. James and the crew at TokyWheel have awesome customer service and this seems to be another great initiative.

I run the @valetmyfixie twitter account and enjoy spreading cool picks of pimped Fixies. Checkout us out if you enjoy Fixies.

Look forward to seeing some of the quality chat in this forum.


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Hello everyone. I am cesar,36 years of age. I live and work here in grand cayman islands but i am originally from the philippines.
I have been doing running since 2004 from short distance running to ultramarathon running. Running is my primary sport and second is cycling.Had a mountain bike before and then switch to road bike when i was introduce to duathlon. Now, i am new to triathlon. I did couple of tri event in the past years but as a team for i dont know how to swim back in those times. Still working on how to improve my swimming skills and hope to get there sooner.
In cycling, i do short rides on weekdays usually after work and do longer distances on weekends with a group of competitive cyclists.
Road cycling, tri events, running and swimming are very active here in the island.
If anyone plans to come and visit here, bring your bike and hit the road. We have nice paved high and low elevation and mostly just along the sea so you anyone will surely enjoy his ride in here.
I want to be more competitive in triathlon and upgrading my bike components is one of my plans. Good thing that i learned about tokyo wheels and their products. I believed that having a great costumer relations and confidence on their product is the key to a great business. Looking forward to do business with james soon. Thanks everyone.
Huh? Other passions? I like playing my guitar, cooking and fixing stuffs.:blush:

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Hi everyone. I’m Charles Custodio, an avid cyclist located in Manila, Philippines. Started cycling when I was a kid and picked up the sport again about 4 years ago when I did my first triathlon.

I thought I was going to be a triathlon nut, but cycling always stood out. Audax-style cycling is my favorite!

As for my other passions, well, there’s photography and eating good food :smile:

I got to know Tokyowheels from a few friends of mine. They got Tokyowheels on their bikes and they’re happy with them. I think they’re good value for your hard-earned money :wink:


Hey there, my name is Roberto from Manila. I enjoy different types of rides from easy club rides to more challenging longer format fondos.

Cycling has been a lifetime passion from both the technical aspect of bike and component design to just going out and feeling the wind in your face when you head downhill from a big climb. The Tokyowheel set I’ve been using of late have upped my ride experience and I haven’t swapped these out since day one for my last set.

I’d love to hear from other Tokyowheel fans about their experiences.

Ride safe.


Hi Am Amit Egbert and I live in Dubai, am new to cycling and have been cycling since Feb this year. Previously I used to run but the stress on the knees was getting a bit much, since I have started to cycle I have found the sport a lot more gratifying and rewarding. I normally ride alone and on weekends I do group rides.
Looking forward to more likeminded people to help me grow my technique and skill.

Keep cranking


Amit Egbert

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Hello there,

My name is Hans from the Netherlands. Besides a full time job I am sports instructor Spinning and Bodypump and have a passion for cycling. No long distances, no hills but ideally flat and fast ! I am also a triathlon member but but from liking running struggling with swimming and hating cycling I am now loving cycling and forgot about the rest.

I always want a bike different from others and my Ceepo Katana definitely is, for sure in NL. On a search for full carbon high rim wheels I found various options but already the name TokyoWheels was more appealing that the other local ones. Look, availability and price made me buy the EPIC’s.

Hit the road!