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Thanks for the invitation to join these forums! I’ve been interested in these products for quite some time.

My name is Sean, 29yo triathlete and runner from Philadelphia, PA (nearby, anyway). I race primarily at the Olympic distance, but am preparing to move up to 70.3 next season. I race as part of a national team, My day job is project management of oncology therapeutics development, looking forward to helping out here a bit!


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My name is Leong from MALAYSIA. I’m in my 50s & hv been enjoying road bike for the past 5 years.I do run marathons socially for the past 20+ years.My social rides hv become more competitive during weekends with my bike club.I enjoy my cycling immensely & look forward to this new chapter.

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My name is Hector Loperena, from Puerto Rico USA. I have been riding bike for 1 year. i practice Road bike, riding about 100 miles every week. We have plains and hills here in Puerto Rico. I’m 55 years old, and loose about 25 pounds on last year.

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Hi everyone.

My name is Jose and I am from Amurrio (a little village near Bilbao) in Basque Country. I have 43 years old.

I’ve been riding a bike since I was a child but I’ve never dedicated to the competition. I really like the bike world and especially the repair and assembly of bicycles, all the bikes I’ve had have always been assembled and repaired by me.

I hope to contribute to this forum but have to ask forgiveness for my bad English



I am Mauricio form Colombia South America. Started mountain biking many years ago, and love it. Recently transferred to Chicago Area and got stuck here. Now with a growing Family.
I started doing triathlons because of my wife and due to the fact that there are no mountains for me anymore. So my mountain bike now is a single speed and commute bike is a fixie.
Currently with 10 bikes including the new tri bike acquisition on which I have installed the Tokio wheel set.

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hi every body !
I am Andris Vosekalns 22 year old , from Latvia I am cyclist Long time and I ride in “Rietumu Delfin Team (contintal)” I have been riding and racing 8 years and cycling is the best way to where I can get so good feelings .I have racing in so many different countries ,and riding in traning camps (Algeria ,Thailand,Morroco,Spain Sicilia, Belgium ,Holand ) and many other countries ! but also I like go fishing ,go out with my dog and do same other things !

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Hello everyone,
Thanks for the invitation.
I am Dimitris from Athens Greece. With my brother Panagiotis we have a cyclestore “CycleLand”
we cooperate with tokyo wheels a year ago , and we are very happy for this,.
we have our cyclist club “CycleLand Team” and we follow races and friendly courses with special support to some athletes.
Cycling is a passion for us and we organise mtb rides , road rides, and some time downhill weekends.
We have install Tokyo Wheels for some of our clients and everyone stay impressed with these full carbon rims.

thanks to all.

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Hi everyone. Ally here.
I am 43 and rediscovered cycling about 3 years ago.It’s my escapism and preserves my sanity but depletes my bank balance.

I am mostly riding road and my summer bike (yes we do have it in the UK) is a wilier izoard. It’s got a mix of Campagnolo chorus and Athena plus Soul s3 wheels.

I also have a winter bike which I built from a Chinese frame.

I’ll probably ride about 4000 miles this year and it’s safe to say I am motivated by strava. Haven’t quite reached the standard for racing but you never know!

A set of tokyo wheels in 50 or 60mm would look sweet on my bikes.

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Hi everyone,

I am Jetson Hoo from Sarawak, Borneo Island of Malaysia. I was a ex-alcoholic and smokers who has gave up my unhealthy lifestyle after my drinking buddy passed away from heart attack at the age of 41 few years back. I was only 8 years junior than him back then. This has trigger me to take a sharp turn of my lifestyle. I told myself " if I don do something about my bad lifestyle, I will end up like him a decade later"

So I started back exercising after purchasing a mountain bike. From there, I add another few more bikes from different “species” to my collection and off I go on my working out journey. Now, after 4 years of dedicate my life to sports, I am currently a competitive amateur triathlete, competing almost every weekend from marathon, trail running, mountain bike xc series, road criterium, road fon’do and triathlon, both locally and internationally, adhering to consistent work out session on swim, bike, run. I am currently attached to a local cycling team, " Team Promenade"

My current passion is to stay fit for life, competitive for life and passing my knowledge and passion to people around me, motivating them to take up cycling as competitive sport for health reason. I am happy to delcare myself as non-smoker/drinker now

Here I am in Tokyo Wheel forum when I do some research shopping some carbon wheels for my team. Nice to meet you all.

Please find me on strava@ Jetson Hoo

Safe Ride


My name is Russell. I have lived in Santa Fe, NM for the last 20 years and have been a roadie for 25 years. I enjoy riding fast centuries throughout the U.S., southwest and long rides around northern NM during the weekends with my riding buddies; some of whom I’ve ridden with for 15-20 years.
I love bikes and bike stuff. And of course I love riding. We ride throughout the calendar year despite cold temperatures in the winter.
Safe Riding to ALL.

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Hi, my name is joel healy… I am a keen time trialer and road cyclists here in Wellington, new Zealand.

Competition drives me to train and ride… Love it. Currently road captain of a masters team competing in team road race series



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Hello All.
I’m Anthony, 44 a Dub living in Kildare, on the east coast of Ireland.

Started racing for the first time this year and entered as an A4.

I bought a set of wheels from James back in February this year and will post a short review before the summer ends and I put the summer bike to bed for the winter.



Hi Folks,

My name is Andrew & live in West London -

When my knees retired, they retired my triathlon club membership with them… & although my primary form of exercise is swimming, I am growing to love cycling again more & more.

I’m a casual rider & tackle the English Counties when weather permits, and not travelling for work. It’s a much needed stress reliever & find this rapidly growing sport has presented a wealth of social opportunities too…

Looking forward to learning from you all & hearing about ideas, trends, and how to spec up my next rig!



Some things you could cover:
Brand activiation by daily use.

Who are you?
I’m Tom, 31, founder of an amateur fun cycling collective.
Started out in the youth categories and road competition racing at the age of 14.

Where are you located?

What kind of cycling do you enjoy?
I’m involved in amateur bike races, daily training, commuting and special one day events.

What other passions, etc, do you have?
Music, Art, Good Food, Travelling and Nature Escape.

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Hi All,

I’m Mike, a latter-30-something living in Alberta, Canada. I started off as a mountain biker (XC, trails and FR), but have since added road riding to my fun activities.

I enjoy far too many things to do justice to any list I could put up here (archery, black powder shooting, computers, diving (sky and scuba)…right through the alphabet), but I am passionate about the Ride to Conquer Cancer, of which I have done the local Ride since its inception in 2009. I’m a big guy, but like long distance riding and try to push myself to personal bests. So far, 201 km is the farthest I’ve been in a day on a bike (32 lb full suspension mtb with slicks), but I routinely go over 100 km in training. Never been a racer, but I do like going fast :smile:


Que bien que haya otras TW en Euskal Herria vecino!


Hello from London!

I’m a triathlon lover originally from Spain but living in the UK for the past 12 years. I received my tokyowheels 3 weeks ago but due to an accident during a spartan race I haven’t been able to try them yet!. Hopefully my knee will recover completely soon so I can write a nice review about them! James, thank you for being so helpful throughout the whole process.

Appart from triathlons I really enjoy going for long rides here at the country side. The views are amazing and the hills are sometimes nuts! so if you happen to come to the UK one day, bring your bike along and explore the country side! :wink:

All the best!!


Hi All,

Chris Alarcon here from sunny Santa Clara, CA. I am an avid Mtn biker, but added road cycling to my activities about 2yrs ago. I’ve definitely put more miles/time on my Roubaix road bike compared to my Stumpjumper.
My greatest achievement so far has been the Death Ride (126miles, 15000’). Aside from personal achievements, I make it a goal to participate in local ride charity events (ie: TourDeCure, CanaryChallenge).
I stumbled upon the TokyoWheel products earlier this year and have been racking up some miles on a set of EPIC38-50. My rides consists of commuting to work and climbing local hills on the weekends.


Hello from Bangkok,

My name is Mika von Haartman, I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, and this has been home ever since.
During my teens I was quite big into BMX, Freestyle both street and Quarter Pipes, but when I started working after graduation, rode much less.
About 2 years ago got myself a GT Mountain Bike and now one month ago got myself a Cervelo S2, and have been riding it almost everyday for minimum 23 km and on some days 47 km.
Just made a order of Tokyo Wheels Carbon Clinchers to upgrade my existing wheels.

Cheers, Mika


Hi my name is Rabi N, I’m Lebanese living in Dubai,UAE.

I used to ride a mountain bike and a BMX until the age of 17 when I crashed in a steep decent. That incident put me off from cycling until recently at the age of 34 when my Dr. recommended cycling for me to strengthen my Achilles Tendon which I injured during a Squash match.

Other than cycling, I do Clay target shooting (Olympic Trap), Freediving Spearfishing, Kayak fishing and I also play rock guitar music.

I ordered my Epic 50-60 clinchers and I cant wait to have them delivered here. By the way this was my birthday gift which I got for my 35th birthday.

Cheers and keep hammering those pedals!