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Been about 2+ weeks since you posted Rabi and just wondering if you received your Epic 50/60 wheelset and if so if you’d had a chance to ride them? Let the forum know what you think.

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Hello everyone,

I’m Serge, 40 years old and I live Switzerland. I do road cycling and bike as well. I am a member of the Tokyowheel Strava club and since a few days the happy owner of a ELITE 38 set.
My other sports are telemark skiing on the nice swiss mountain snow and scuba diving in the cold lake of Geneva :smile:

Thanks for reading

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Hello everyone,

I’m Ben, from Singapore. Had a few friends does cycling, joined them earlier this year. Just started using the EPIC 50 wheels for about 2 weeks and they are fantastic, shed effort, gained constant average speed.

Hope to upgrade my frame to match the green decals wheels soon~~…

Still pushing for longer distance and faster progressively…

Got the wheels, looking for chassis, more importantly need that upgrade to the engine~…

Great reading through your posts.

Cycle SAFE!

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Hi all. My name’s Damien Lyle-Stirling. I’m 62 years old from Dublin in Ireland and am an avid veteran racing cyclist. I returned to the sport I love in 2013 after an absence of 24 years. I was away from the sport for that length because I was working in a part of Saudi Arabia where I found the driving to be far to dangerous to risk taking to the roads on my bike. So instead I took up competitive running well away from the dangerous roads. Unfortunately, I developed arthritis in my left hip and had to stop running in 2010. So I started spinning classes and cycling around the compound where I lived. I left Saudi Arabia in 2012, joined the Irish Veteran Cyclists Association and started training again. No problems from the hip on the bike thankfully. In my first year back (2013) when I got used to the amazing speed ‘old’ cyclists can go at, I managed a couple of placings in races. But this year I was stronger and had a stormer with 2 wins, a 2nd, two 3rds and a run of 18 races in which I didn’t finish outside the first 10 places. I’m a strong all rounder, climbing and sprinting well though the sprint could do with improving. I haven’t raced on carbon wheels yet but I intend to in 2015 as those who use them sing their praises and reckon they’re worth a bike length or more in a sprint. We’ll see.

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Hello to all!
My name is Nuno Santos.
Im from Portugal,33 years old,practice triathlon for about 2 years,but no doubt in my mind that the bike part is my favourite. :slight_smile:
Been ridding bikes for half of my life,from x-country,to dual slalom and freeriding in between.

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Hi. I’m Tim. And I’m a cycling geek. And I have been since Greg LeMond lost the Tour to Hinault in '85. That said, I am a former college track guy, long standing martial artist, current runner, former hurdler, military veteran, glutton for pain/fitness kind of guy who refuses to grow old. I’m also a bike junkie who can’t get a satisfactory fix. I am quite at home with centuries, fast club rides, mud runs, 10K, or half marathons. That said, I commonly haunt the hills and parks here in the Bay Area and look forward to seeing you good folks on the road.

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Hi, my name is Craig. I am located in Southern California, USA. This is a great place for all things cycling. Even during the winter months we are out cycling. I enjoy road racing, crits and time trials. Cycling is my drug of choice. I look forward to getting to know everyone or just a few people. Have a happy holiday and great New Year.


Hi my name is Josh, I am a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cycling Coach, I work in a mates bike shop where we have one of the top cycling teams in our area (both road and mtb), I am in the process of starting up a new team with my mate from the shop, the team is going to be a juniors team. Oh and I am also at Uni studying Exercise Physiology. I am interested in these wheels for my junior team and also for our main shop team.

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Hi my name is Travis from Malaysia. I am currently a student but i cycle to my campus everyday. Besides i also do road cycling every evening once my class ended. It is more of a sanctuary relief after a day full of class and treat for myself being good attend to the class. During weekend if there is any chances my friends call me for off road mountain biking i will join them as well. I love road cycling and mountain biking. It is different kind of fun for me. I knew about this brand Tokyowheel recently. Good looking but sadly i couldn’t afford it. My part time job money need to pay my tuition fee. So, glad to know you guys and RIDE ON. CHEERS! :smile:


I am 66 years old and live in Virginia. I have recently started competing in Masters level time trials. While visiting a local bike shop in Harrisonburg, Va. I was told about your line of wheels by a nice young man working in the Shenandoah Bike Company.

Most of the time trials that I compete in are relatively short and not over 10 miles. Having said that which set of your carbon wheels would you recommend? I ride a Cervelo P3 if that makes any difference. ]

Thanks for your help


Hola a todos
Me presento desde Mallorca, España, soy ciclista desde hace 3 años y cada día me apasiona más el ciclismo.
Llevo con mis epic un mes y estoy encantado con ellas.
Os invito a todos a conocer esta maravillosa isla y disfrutar de sus paisajes tanto de montaña, de interior y de costa durante prácticamente todos los meses del año.
Un saludo

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Hi Marvin,

Thanks for posting. In general we would recommend the Epic 60-88 for time trail and also as a good match for the P3. The Epic 88 is also a great candidate, but I recommend the Epic 60-88 due to its greater popularity with our customers. You can send me an email and ask any other questions you have at james [at]

P.S. I went to University at JMU in Harrisonburg, and bough a bike from SBC, way back in the day.I took that bike with me when I first moved to Japan.


My name is Kieran I am a 22 year old professional triathlete from Matamata, New Zealand. I have been competing in triathlons for 4 years and after a win at the 2012 Age Group World Champs in Auckland, I decided to focus more of my energy on triathlon turning professional in 2013/14 season.

From here I have had a few solid performances in my first elite races and have begun to build my brand. Most recently creating a website [][1] and a new cycle kit (photos attached below).

From building my own personal brand I recently formed a relationship with James at TokyoWheel and look forward to testing out my new elite 50 carbon clincher wheelset at my upcoming races in early 2015.

Thanks for reading

Ride Safe


Hey There,

My name is Juan and I will briefly introduce to everyone.
I live in Belgium and I am currently cycling about 10 years. I started with a basic bike for a small budget.
Through my work , this is already quite rapidly. I had started a fietsrpoject for 40-50 people who had little or never driven the racing bike .
The intention was that after 6-7 months the queens stage of the Tour de France could drive . Telegraphe , Galibier and Alpe d’Huez . For this, they got me guidance, traininsschema and all that was needed to achieve this goal. Ultimately, the end time one just can not reach, Alpe d’Huez was too much for this individual.

After that it just went on and on for me.
Since then I drove with a carbon racing bike which I later uitruste with Ffwd racing wheels 60mm .
I myself have a few mountains and big tours ridden .

Now I’m back in the bike industry is I have my racing bike exchanged for a new KTM revelator sky with disc brakes. This is fairly new in the industry.

Since my positive experiences with carbon 'm looking for something new and it seems ideal to cut a new chapter together with Tokyo Wheels.

My goals for this year are to follow the Tour of Flanders and the Tour de France again .

In the winter months I try 3 times a week on the rollers to drive and on the weekends we go with comrades into the forest with the MTB .

For the rest I practice still in futsal competitions.

Have a nice day,


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HI All , my name is Mo and I live in Switzerland in Europe,
I’ve just purchased EPIC 60 from Tokyowheel and I’m looking forward to going out to christening them :smile:
I will post a couple of pics of the wheels on my bike in due course.

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My name is Brandon Jones

Currently located in Fraser Valley British Columbia Canada, and love the area, lots of room to train!
Would consider travelling anywhere to train though!

Right now trying to hone in on training for road cycling, probably more road races than crits however I’ll be competing in all road disciplines this year. Also, just started riding @ an indoor velodrome this year and found out how addicting the track is! In the winter I’d like to be competing in cross as well. Ultimately I’d like to be a really strong road rider.

Aside from riding I enjoy any activity outside! I’m not a super skilled winter sport athlete, or swimmer, but still like those activities. I take part in road running/trail running events, I enjoy hiking mountains, and other similar activities.

With the introduction of the Tokyowheel forum I hope to connect/share ideas with other members and use/promote Tokyowheel’s!


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ELITE CYCLING TEAM supports and promotes cycling and contributes towards the development of the sport of cycling through its Academy, Racing Team and Cycling For All Groups in Cyprus.

Our mission is to protect and keep young people away from smoking, alcoholism and any other type of addictions.

ELITE Cycling promotes the alternatives of cycling and creates awareness about the benefits of green culture and the protection of nature and also using the bicycle as a mean of transport.


  1. Cycling Academy (6-14 years, 30-50 Members);
  2. Cycling Racing Team (over 14 years – 15 Athletes);
  3. Cycling for all;
    ELITE CYCLING TEAM is a member of CSO (Cyprus Sports Organization), the N.S.D.S.S. (National Sports Development Support Plan) and member of the Cyprus Cycling Federation (CCF). Also ELITE is a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and a proud member of the European Cyclist Federation.

ELITE has the following core objectives:
• The development of athletes through targeted training;
• Securing sponsorships to promote the interests of the Academy and the Team;
• Cooperation with European – International cycling teams and the exchange of athletes;
• Participation in domestic & international sport competitions and social events;
• Becoming the Top Cyprus Cycling Team;
• Operating a Continental Team in two years;

ELITE CYCLING TEAM athletes (female and male) will compete at all levels and ages (U15, U18, U23, Elite, and Masters Categories) on National but also International Races.

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Hi My name is Luke and I live in Launceston, Tasmania Australia. Greet roads around here and Tasmania has certainly batted above it’s weight in producing world class cyclists. Am looking at a set of race/everyday training carbon clinchers and a mate I ride with has an Epic back wheel. So here I am…



My name is hisyamrahman, I am based in Malaysia, specifically in Pahang.

I involve in cycling activities about 3 years ago whereby i’m one of the committee member for Kuantan Century Ride but just started riding about 3 months and love it so much.

I’m not into racing but more toward social/community cycling. From there i can meet various type of people with various background/profession. Last week, during Chinese New Year Celebration Holiday, we managed to ride 260km (from Kuantan - Rompin - Kuantan) in one day and it gave me lots of experience in-term of energy management and the importance of having proper gear.

This year, Kuantan Century Ride will be held on 7 June and we anticipate 2000 participant. You can visit if all of you interested to join. Hope that i can see and meet all of you in the future. Love to learn and hear thing about cycling from all of you.

ride hard, ride safe


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Hey hey Team :D !  Came by the forum after reading up plenty on Tokyowheel, and now I’m here.  Love the way there’s a legitimate global community that has been building around the products and service, and I look forward to being part of it and hopefully getting out and riding with a couple of you in person one day.  
My Names Andrew Gonzalez and I reside in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. A city with a great river valley, plenty of rolling hills and the longest trail systems in all of North America.  And we’re 4 hours away from either Banff or Jasper Mountain National Parks so I head out there when I get the itch for some awesome climbing.   
I’m 30 years old and ride for the sheer pleasure cycling brings, but that doesn’t mean I won’t tackle a STRAVA every once in a while hahaha. Right now I‘m more passionate about road cycling, but who knows in the future, maybe cross?  I love the arts & culture…  music, design, fashion you name it, all beautiful experiences of the human expression.  I run a women’s boutique in my city, just started designing a men’s apparel line this year and paint whenever I have the chance.  Of course I love traveling as much as anybody else and usually take my bicycle where ever I go.  If you are ever in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada give me a heads up!    

Andrew Rene Gonzalez

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