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My name is Diogo Rosa, I’m Portuguese, graduated in law and currently compete as a professional triathlete in X-Terras around the world.

I am also happy to compete with tokyowheel in road triathlon.

In this moment i live in Portugal, between the capital, Lisbon, and Golegã a village in the center of the country.

I’m interested in a wide variety of cycling, but with a particular interest for road cycling, xco, and the tri-cross cycling and long distance triathlon cycling as Ironman races.

Aside triathlon, have a passion for all types of endurance and team sports, I also like law, commercial law, politics and have a special interest in business investments.

thanks to all! :wink:

Diogo Rosa,



My Name is Chris, I base myself in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. I’ve enjoyed cycling all my life. Especially the sense of freedom it gives, yet still allowing you to feel part of the environment you are traveling through. Whether it is commuting, group rides, time trialing, road racing, triathlons, challenge/adventure riding, on or off road, I’ve done it and loved it.

I’m a trained sports therapist and mechanical engineer, who specializes in supply chain side of manufacturing. At present I’m training myself up to perform bike fitting and will work out of my local bike shop.

Always looking for new places to ride, be it in the UK or anywhere in the world. If you’ve got a spectacular ride, please share it and you never know we might see each other there.

Best Regards


Hello Tokyowheel family!
My name is Oscar Nino and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. A year ago I started signing up for some local triathlons and currently I am hooked with the sport.
I bought a pair of 60mm-88mm Tokyowheels for my BMC Time Machine 01 TT bike and could not be happier, and I guess that leads me to joining this forum and being and happy customer.
On April 26 I will be participating on my first 70.3 race and I have to say that these wheels have brought a special addition to my hard training. Solo and aerodynamic rides are my favorite part of the week.
I’m happy to know that there are many like me just hooked on these high quality wheels.
Ride safe, Oscar.

Hi Tokyo Wheel friends!

Warm welcome from Baltimore MD in the USA. I hope everyone is enjoying better riding weather than we are…snow snow and more snow here.

I grew up riding bikes in Virginia. From racing as a junior, to spending more time on my bike than collegiate studies, the bike has always been a figure in my life. It formed a big part of the way I explore the world.

Currenty, I love trying to be as “car free” as possible: commuting, grabbing groceries, recreating…it’s all possible on my bike. When I’m not riding around town, I like to escape to the Maryland countryside for some quality time riding the back roads and trails.

I am in the midst of planning a longer tour. If anyone has a favorite place they have done a tour, let me know your experience. Can’t wait to hear about your tour!

Thanks for having me as apart of the family and I look forward to the great conversations.

All the best


I’m from Montreal , Canada ( sorry my english). I’m 15 and started racing last year but i engaged a great coach to help me during this long winter to make me stronger and faster and 6/7 days I’m training myself so now I think that I’m a way better racer in the peloton.
I’m doing road races and really appreciate that for the speed and the feeling of freedom, that’s really exciting.
I’m riding a Garneau gennix r2-Ultegra6800 ( I really like it ). I usually do Criterium race and I’m trying to find good wheels for thoses races… I was asking myself which one should I take between the epic 38mm or the dura-ace 9000 c24… let me know your suggestions

Hi Dominic,
What do you want from a new wheelset?
Both wheels you mentioned couldn’t be more different. The DA 9000 C24 is 20.8 mm wide compared Epic 38 width of 25.5 and braking surface of 25 mm. I actually took quadruplicate measurements at 21 locations of the braking surface around the rims and posted data on my youtube channel.The DA 9000 C24 while not a true box rim is more like a box rim where the Epic 38 is more of the toroidal aero-shape. Unless something has changed the DA C24 has an aluminum brake track whereas the Epic 38 are a special carbon fiber layup braking surface. If you’re racing crits then I’d urge you to consider the Elite 38; discuss with you coach and other cyclist in your area. Nothing beats the feel of the tubulars for cornering.
Good luck.

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Thank you Attila,
I know that those wheels are completely differents but I was asking myself which one should I take -> the reactivity of the DA c24 or the aero of the Epic 38mm … I’ve never ride Tubular wheels so i’m not sure with that but I’ll discuss with the coach and teammate.

Hi Dominic,
I was a little confused and didn’t understand you were trying to decide on responsiveness or aero. If you have a teammate or if your coach has some tubulars then I’d still urge you to give those a test ride and test at several different kPa. or psi (you know us Yanks we can’t get with the metric system so we’re still stuck with pounds per square inch). If you go with Tokyowheel Epic or Elite or with any other manufacturer’s wider rims you’ll really appreciate the wider contact patch of the tire especially if you run 23 or 25 mm wide tires. A local pro in Austin who races at our weekly crit (The Driveway Series) suggested I run 25 mm wide clinchers on my Elite 50s and at first I thought he was crazy but then I tried them and I love the 25 mm wide GS4000S Conti and Elite 50 combination. Oh, check out the website for The Driveway Series in Austin Texas and click >let’s Race< and if you ever find yourself on holiday in Texas come on out. I made the offer to James, the owner of Tokyowheel and he actually came to Austin to visit a friend and I took him to check it out.
Good luck with your wheel purchase whichever route you decide.

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Hi Jeffrey,
Thank you and yes maybe I’ll try the 25mm tyre it looks good on the epic.
You can come see our nice crits at Lachine every tuesday ( Les mardi cycliste de Lachine)

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My name is Brian, I’m an Ironman athlete and triathlon coach from Chattanooga, TN. I have been in the sport for over 12 years and will be competing in the Ironman World Championship in October for my second time and I am looking for a set of race wheels that offer great quality without braking the bank. I have been impressed so for from what I have seen from tokyowheels and want to learn more.

Hi Dominic,
I’m certain your coach will have useful advice on your wheel choice.
I know how to train for running but I found having a cycling coach is very important and he has helped me transition from running to riding so I applaud you for utilizing a coach. It’s always good to have a second set of eyes look at your training cycles.
My wife and I usually take holiday either in Colorado, USA or in Ireland (where I have family) but we always take our bikes with us. If we find ourselves near Montreal I’d love to give the criterium series a go. Who knows I may need some advice on what to see and where to visit.

I ended up giving my coach my Elite 38 tubulars (rim brake) to race this CX season so the only other tubulars I own at this time are Zipp 202s (road) and the Elite 38 (disc brake for CX). I’ll leave it up to others on the forum to comment but the for me the tubulars feel so much more stable in the corners than any of my clinchers for crits. No matter what you end up buying keep the forum informed and how your season is progressing.

Hi all!

My name’s Kane. I’ve been cycling for 4 years. I started out commuting but riding has become much more than that for me now.

I’m from NZ but usually reside in Asia these days. Most of my riding is on-road - more social than competitive at this point. Although road rules are more like guidelines in the countries I live in so at times it seems I’m competing for my life.

I love to travel, dive, and live a healthy lifestyle. Work is important to me too.

Only recently discovered Tokyowheel but very impressed with the product, the company and of course the awesome community. Be great to connect with some of you in the future.

Drop me a line if you have any questions on life in SEA, or if you’re passing through. The first coconut is on me.

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Hi Mika,

Greetings from another Bankokian. I ride with GOTP, a mainly farang group that leaves every Sunday morning from rangsit to Bang-PaIn for a 100-115km ride. Welcome to join some day. Since you ride Cerevelo you can ask the guys at Bike Zone for more info about GOTP (Gentlemen of the Peleton) or find us on FB.

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Hi, I’m Alex, from Romania, I am ITU triathlon coach and also triathlete elite . My bike is Cervelo S3 and I am looking for Tokyo Wheels 50mm. Do you have knowledge of a dealer in Europe? The season is close and I need wheels for race.
Thank you

Hi Alex,
I’m not certain if Tokyowheel has a dealer in Europe. I would recommend you send an email to Tokyowheel directly. I know that James and others on the Tokyowheel team do read all of the forum posts but I would guess that they tend to all of the email first. Would a combination of a 50 front / 60 rear or 88 rear be a good setup for a triathlete? Good luck with the season and keep us posted on wheels chosen, results, race reports etc. Oh, I found a phone number on the website. Give them a call +40 31 630 0823

Hi Alex, we have a test dealer in Greece but your best option is to order online. Currently 99% of our sales are online via our website, so that’s the fastest an best way to get ahold of our wheels.

My name is Antonio Larosa, also known as Tony to many of my good friends. I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I enjoy club rides as well as the occasional solo rides, long distances as well as the shorter, harder rides. I cycle primarily for keeping fit and mostly because I enjoy the outdoors. Besides cycling, I also enjoy Cross Country Skiing in the off season, Classic as well as Skate skiing as my two favorite. When not on my bike, I engage in some weekly exercises which I practice in my own home Gym. I like to research the sciences, world events and history as another of my great passions.

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Welcome Tony. I live in a region of Texas, USA that it takes a very long time in the car (16 hrs) to get to mountains but when my wife and I go I love skate skiing and found it to be the most strenuous workout ever. I now understand why cross skiers have the largest engines and VO2 max. Do you have Tokyowheels on your bike?

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Lupeenii solo para que estés al tanto ya estamos manejando un forum en español. Si deseas compartir tus experiencias con nosotros más adelante sería muy buena idea que lo hagas a través de ese tema. Te envío el link! Saludos.

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Hi everybody!
my name is Rui Calado,i´m from Portugal and live in cascais a small town near the sea, 30 km from Lisbon and a incredible place to ride,road or mtb.
One of my favorite sports it´s road cycling but never competed professionaly,i ride bikes since 6 years old…i´m 52 now! but still love this beautifull sport and everything related with bycicles.
Great rides to all.

Rui Calado