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Hi Rui,
We’ve not visited Portugal yet but when we do we’ll certainly have our bikes with us. Welcome to the forum. Which wheels are you riding or contemplating getting?

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when you do,please let me know to arrange a tour with you.

right now i´m riding easton ea50 wich are great for winter and training,and mavic r-sis.i had several carbon wheels along the years but allways had some issues with them,i had american classic zefiro t50,i had corima aero,mavic cosmic and rolph vector.
maybe soon will go to carbon tubular again,i´m considering tokyowhell!

Hello everybody. My name is Mario Pescarolo from Guayaquil, Ecuador (SouthAmerica). I am 35 yrs and since I was 20, I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1.

I’ve done sports all my life. But, in 2013 I read a book about a guy that was competing in a race called Epic 5. This is a triathlon competition of 5 full IRONMAN distance in 5 days around 5 different islands in Hawai. I said to myself, I need to do something else with my life, so I start in to triathlon.

By now, I have raced several olympic distance competitions and one IRONMAN 70.3 in Miami. The IRONMAN has become very addictive and my way of life. I am going for my second in August 2015. After that, hopefully the full IRONMAN.

Going fast on a bike I so exiting and the adrenaline is even better. For that, I purchased a pair of 50/60 EPIC Tokyowheels that are performing pretty good.

“If your life ain’t great or ain’t the same, ride your bike as fast as you can”.

Mario Pescarolo.

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Welcome Mario,
The fact that you have type I diabetes and manage it well and continue to enjoy endurance events should be an inspiration to others who have type 1 and 2 diabetes. Keep the forum informed about your training toward the triathlon in August. Where is the location of the triathlon in August?

Hey all,
My name is Colin and I am from Calgary, Canada.
I had not ridden a bike in for about 10 years, then my wife thought it would be a good idea to start competing in triathlons, then she talked me into it (and I’m glad she did). That was 2 years ago. Now we hit up as many local events as we can in the short summers we have here.

I am currently riding an older Lemond while in town and racing on a P2. Both are stock and I am looking at options for upgrades.

The epic clinchers have definitely made the short list.
I look forward to being part of this community.

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Thanks Attilas for your comments. The training is going pretty hard so far. Two weeks ago I did a triathlon organized by a local shop which consisted in 1000mts swim, 100k bike and 10k run. I did it in 04:55. On the bike I average 20mils/hr. On July there is another one but olympic distance. The IRONMAN 70.3 is going to be held on August 09th at the city of Manta, Ecuador. Is a nice town right by the coast. Is the first one in Ecuador so its going to be pretty exiting.

The best part of this sport is that keeps you very healthy. My blood-sugar-levels are incredible. It is so much easier to keep them in the right track if you do exercise.

As an advice, no matter what type of physical or healthy problem you have, exercise in any way, will help to keep you focus and improve your system.




Those are words to live by Mario. I tell people all the time; if you can’t run then go for a walk or ride a bike. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Any form of exercise is good for the body and for me exercise is good for the soul. Glad to hear your blood sugar is doing so well and that exercise if a big part of that. Good luck and let us know how things go in Ecuador.

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MarkB from Toledo, Ohio, USA.

I am an avid road cyclist and enjoy long rides in all kinds of conditions and terrain but work full time and ride most in the windy flats of Ohio. Currently riding about 4000 miles/year and will soon be done with work forever (!!) so looking to up my mileage after that. My current bike is a Time Fluidity with Di2 and this bike is an absolute pleasure to ride.

My other passion is music and thus my ultimate dream ride is to cycle from Northern India to Southern Spain to follow the path of gypsy music roots leading to Spanish flamenco.

Am interested in hearing about longevity and ride quality of Tokyowheels and realize I may be in the wrong place as it looks like your emphasis is racing. Be that as it may, it looks like you are a small business looking to make an intelligent, quality product at a reasonable price and I love that approach!

I have been riding some seemingly bulletproof Rolfs for a number of years and would love to move up to a reliable pair of carbon wheels. Suggestions?

Thanks for the great comments and pictures in the forum. Many, many awesome bikes and wheels (of course).


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Hi All
My name is Peter Evans I live in Australia and have done for some time, I have been into cycling for a long time now, and still do club racing and events when I can. This included Mtb but more on the road now, I was looking at cyclocross could be a lot of fun.
I would like very much to get a nice set of wheels for my trek, this is a big deal as the cost of the wheels, I have been looking around and came across this site colleting the info I need to make my choice there is a lot out there.
well better keep looking have a good day.


Since you come from the MTB background you’ll probably love cyclocross. I come from a running background and CX reminds me of a 5Km or 10 Km road race where it’s almost all out the entire time. I am now hooked and love CX.
Yes, I think most of us agree that wheels are a very costly unless independently wealthy. I have owned Zipp and Shimano carbon wheels and still have some Zipp 202 Firecrest wheels and they are indeed fine wheels but the thing that helped me decide to buy Tokyowheels is the warranty, guarantee, return policy, and the price. I now have 3 sets; 1 for CX and 2 for road. It’s no secret I’m a fan as you’ll see me all over this forum and a couple of other forums but that’s simply because I like the Tokyowheel product and the customer service I’ve received from James and Kane.
If you end up buying Tokyowheels let the forum know your first impressions and what you think a few months later. That information may help others later in their decision or it might provide the Tokyowheel team useful information as they prepare to launch the 3rd generation Tokyowheel and why or why not a purchase was made. Have fun with CX; I think you’ll truly enjoy.

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Hi attilashelton
Thanks for the info , and yes I have been looking at cyclocross, and was thinking of watching the next club round, could be a new start of somthing of for me.
I did like your comment on that Tokyowheels have is a good warrenty, with there wheels I did read that on there web site.
I was looking at Bontrager wheels as well due to owning a Trek Madone so I do have a choice to make.
How do the Tokyowheels role do they spin free? how nice would it be if you could try before you buy.
well thanks again all good information.

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I have DTSwiss 240 hubs on the Epic 50s (use these for crits and road but mainly crit races) and Vapor hubs on Elite 38 and Epic 38s. The Elite (tubulars) are for my CX bike and the Epic 38s are my daily trainers. DTSwiss hubs are very smooth and their reputation speaks for itself. The Vapor hubs are smooth as well but that’s all subjective. To me they feel much smoother than the Shimano Ultegra hubs but that is purely subjective on my part. I put almost 4000 miles (6400 Km) on the Epic 38s and about 2 weeks ago just noticed the first hint of a drag or pull on the rear hub when performing some routine maintenance. Nothing drastic but enough of a rough spot for me to contact Kane and discuss options. I’m not surprised nor disappointed that the rear bearings beginning to go off. I’m totally pleased with the resolution that Kane proposed and will install replacement bearings.
Given that Tokyowheel still offers their 365 day return policy you can buy them and ride them and if you don’t like them return the wheels but I bet that you’ll like the quality of the product for the price. Are the wheels perfect? No, but I believe that’s why James brought on some additional engineering help and they’re preparing to launch the 3rd Generation wheel. Might want to email them and just ask a few questions about the 3rd Gen Tokyowheel.

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Rasmus 30 years old lives in Copenhagen Denmark.
I do roadbiking on my FUJI SST 1.0, SRAM Red 2013, 6.5 Bontrager Aeolus 6.5.

I started doing triatlon 3 months ago.

Recently I bought a S-Wroks SHIV TT 2014 with DI2 9070 11 sp. but I need a nice wheelset for that bike, that is why im here.
Looking to by 88mm clincher for front and rear with ceramic vapor added. Any good experince with those?

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Hi. I am from Fresno, California. I enjoy road cycling all
year long. The first time I went to mountain ride 3 years ago, I joy that I am
one of those cyclists I used to see out of my car window. Cycling is the
passion since then, I try not to use a car. It truly has been life-changing.
What I love about bicycling is the community. The community has shown me a lot
of passion. I also made a lot of friends, many of them I consider my best
friends, thanks cycling. I love the freedom I experience when out on the road.
I miss seeing things while riding in a car, but on a bike I see much more.

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Now you can see one of the Tokyowheel members on a TV show hehehehe

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Everybody, Bonjour!
I’m Matt, a 31year old frenchy based in Munich, Germany! I’m working for the past 6 years as a hardware test Engineer in the ski touring industry, out of studies in both mechanical engineering, composite materials and heat treatment of complex ternary ceramics, since my first goal was to join the advanced prosthetics industry, but didn’t quite happen this way. :smile:
My ideal ride is long, and very hilly! I do enjoy heaps ride from 150km and above with lots of vertical gain (and loss, see my profil picture, still haven’t hit the 100kmh limit but getting close)! Otherwise i love medium long ride (up to 100km) with high and sustained speed and pace!
In terms of equipment, i am a Cannondale fanatic! Thus, i ride a SuperSix Evo after having ridden various generations of CAADs for years. When it comes down to MTB, i ride a Cannondale F29 carbon and recently got a Trigger carbon!
Parallel to my job, I’m in the process to become Mountain guide since alpine climbing either on rock or ice, just as much as skiing are what animates my everyday life, and of course riding bikes!!! Nothing better than cycling up a road with skis on your bag in spring time! Or to access a big wall to be climbed in summer!
A moto: what ever you, never give a F and have massive fun with good mates, always to come home with a smile even bigger than when you left in the morning!

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Second chapter of Grupetto tv series, custom bicycles and me :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m trying to find out more about tokyowheel that I’ve found by chance while looking at GoKiso products.

My name is Luca
I’m italian but working in Nigeria where I ride my Cervelo s5 2015 equipped with ax lightness 42 premium wheelset and my TT bike swift carbon neurogen equipped with ax lightness aero stream 55/80 wheelset. Both are tubolars
I also ride in Italy during holiday my Bianchi Sempre with fulcrum racing zero clincher wheelset.

I’m an age grouper Triathlete 40-44 mostly involved in 70.3 races.

I’m looking for very good reasons to buy a Tokyowheel Epic38 dtswiss240 hubs.

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First time poster. Hi guys!

Looking to upgrade my wheels and got jacked into joining up. Hey, in for a dollar, in for a dime .

More than thinking about this CF thing. I have two CF bikes, a Madone and a Bike in a Box, Motobecane.

Also hand built Trek back from when Trek actually built the things and a part CF tri bike. Ride with a guy with a Chiarello. Real poser that just bought a Chinaknockoff with CF wheels, disk brakes and DI2. I need to knock off some moment of inertia off my Madone. Don’t need aero and 60mm deep looks pretty fcuken stupid sucking draft at 22 mph.

Need good braking, Low moment of inertia for quick spin ups and light weight for hills. Maybe 38mm if they beat my Dura Ace alloy wheelset.

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Hello from SW Florida

We have been riding, selling and servicing bicycles since 1969. Just install a nice pair of carbon clincher Tokyowheels for a customer on the new Jamis Xenith Comp we just special ordered. They ride like a dream and cut a good pound off the original wheels. Looking forward to being a TOKYOWHEEL dealer. Follow the rules of the road and have a safe ride.

Mike @

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