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HI, Arlene here from the central part of the Philippines. Been riding bikes with my husband for more that 20 years. Aside from roadbikes we also own xc bikes and enduro bikes. Glad to be living in a city where we can enjoy all 3 discipline right out our doorstep.

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Hi Arlene,
Do you have carbon wheels on any of your bikes?

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My name is Joe Whitley and I live in AtIanta, GA. I’m still trying to determine the best set of wheels for my Trek Domane 2.0.

I am a long distance endurance rider (not a racer) riding between 7-9 Centuries per year. Rides are comprised of flat stretches and rolling hills with net elevations ranging from 8,500-14,000 ft. My weekly training regimen includes about 190-220 miles per week averaging about 9,000 ft. per week. I average about 18.5 MPH on a normal ride. I weigh approximately 215 pounds.

TOKYOWheel offers many different models for carbon wheels so I’m a little bit confused. Based on what I’ve described which wheel set would be best for me? Also, I currently have size 25 tires (Gatorskins) on my bike. If I go with a wider wheel would I have to purchase a different set of tires?

Hi Joe,
Jeffrey (aka AttilaShelton) here. 25 mm tires will work just fine with the Epic Tokyowheels. Gatorskinss are a tough, durable tire but not a real comfortable ride compared to the Conti GP4000S series.
Are you looking for light weight, most aero, or best all-around? My gut feeling is the Epic 38/50 given the amount of elevation you cover weekly. My recommendation is that you speak with Kane or James at Tokyowheel about whether you should have wheels built with single or double cross on non-drive side rear wheel since you said your 215lbs. Which hub are you considering?
Speak to Kane or James about the wheels; just email them and put either name in the subject line.
Let the forum know if you go with Tokyowheels and if so what you think after you’ve put some miles on them. Also I should mention that Tokyowheels indicated they are soon to release their 3rd Generation wheel so ask whether you should wait until the launch date. I’m waiting until the 3rdGen wheels before I buy another set for cyclocross.
Good riding,

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Hi Joe. Good speaking to you via email. I’m here if you need further advice - Thanks!

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Thanks for your message. I am seriously considering the Epic 50-60 - Carbon Clincher – Wheelset.

Since I weigh 215-220 I am wondering what the best spoke configuration should be for my weight. Does it make that much of a difference in performance to upgrade to a better hub?
Can you tell me more about the 3rd generation release and when those wheels will become available?

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Hi @Whitl995,

Thanks for messaging and asking. You can always contact us at to get our best, fastest response.

You’ve made the right choice of rim depths for your weight. The added stiffness of the 60mm rear wheel, makes a lot of difference. Generally you’ll want to stay away from ceramic bearings, so I would recommend with our standard hubs and spokes or my top recommendation would be the DT Swiss upgrade.

Our 3rd generation wheels are still not ready for presale, we are working hard but can’t promise any dates. Our goal is to presale sometime this year and ship early next year.

That begin said, we do have a few small updates that we are going to release in the next few weeks. Of the updates, you’ll probably be most interested in Valve Balance, tubeless clincher, slightly modified rim profile.

So if you want to wait a few weeks for a small upgrade, sure, but I can’t recommend waiting until our 3rd generation wheels next year because that’s so far off.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.

Hi Joe. El Jefe beat me to it! I’m here if you need me. Thanks!

Hey James,
Thanks for the updates on the 3rdGen Tokyowheels.

Hi everyone,
My name is Corwin and I’m from Texas (DFW area) and have been riding longer than I care to admit. I’ve had a road bike since I was a teenager. I’m looking now to upgrade my wheels to a carbon wheel. I don’t know very much about them, so I’m looking to educate myself and find a great wheel to meet my needs.

Hi Corwin

Welcome! I think the Carbon Wheel 101 email course is a great place for you to start. You’re sent 1 email each day for a week. Each email summarises important information/considerations relating to carbon wheels. The course is very popular. You can sign up at the bottom of our home page:

Hope this helps! If you need any assistance you can reach me via email. Thanks!

I have signed up for the course, but have not received any emails yet. I’ve been looking for them, but haven’t seen any yet.

Hi Corwin

I took the liberty of signing you up again. You should receive part 1 shortly. If you don’t, please send me an email at

and I’ll look into it for you. Thanks!

I finally got the first one last night.

HI Everyone,

It’s taken me a long time to register on the forum so sorry for the delay. My name is Nadelle, I’m from Australia and have been on the triathlon and duathlon scene since 2000. I actually started my professional racing career while living in Japan between 2000 and 2003 and have been lucky enough to race all over the world. In that time I have won 5 National titles, made many friends and have had a huge amount of fun. I’ve been using both a set of Epic 60’s and 90’s for about 18 months now and love them. I am not one to change equipment lightly or often ( having had the same bike sponsor for 15 years, and only 2 shoe sponsors ), so with the quality of TokyoWheel I can’t see myself riding another brand for the rest of my career. Although for the time being I’ll be on hold while I wait for my second child to arrive. Thanks for reading about me and I look forward to contributing more to the forum now I’m here.


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Hey @Nadelle , thanks for posting! Any thoughts on rear disc wheel?

HI @James_Ferrer ,

100% I would be interested in the idea of a Disc wheel. All the data I have seen says that on the majority of occasions a disc is fastest. And if you have athletes going to Kona then the 60/80 combination is perfect.

Having spoken to Craig and Patrick as well they both vote for a Disc.

Regards, Nadelle

@James_Ferrer, I should also say that Patrick and Craig said that in their experience the idea depth for a front is the 75mm depth. It gives a great option to pair with either a 80, 88, 90 or disc rear, and from their research in writing articles for the magazine its better to have a deeper rear wheel as it provides overall stability and more predictability to the handling of the bike.


Thanks @Nadelle, Check out this thread on our future product development. What are your thoughts about a 75 front 110/disc rear .

Hello all

Road cyclist from what I think is the Shangri La of Cycling (and home of a little company, Walmart…you might have heard of them), Northwest Arkansas, USA. I’m hoping to be purchasing a carbon clincher aero wheelset sometime near February/March 2016 when tax refund season comes about. TokyoWheels are certainly on my radar.

I ride road mostly…earlier this year I bought my first carbon fiber bike…a Felt AR5. I love it so much that I want to get an awesome set of aero wheels.

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