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Congrats on the Felt; never ridden a Felt but see plenty of them around in my area as there is at least 1 large Felt dealer in town. You’ll notice a difference when you ride carbon wheels. When you get your wheels next year post your thoughts and what you notice.

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Greg Combs and basically a cycling and Tri “Has Been.” I own the May Street Bicycle Shop and Velo Smart Performance Lab in Southern Pines, NC.

I just became a TOKYO WHEEL Dealer and I look forward to a long lasting relationship.

If anyone wishes to provide feed back on their wheels or recommendations on which wheel sets I should have my shop it would be appreciated.

Yours in Cycling,

I think the best thing would be do ask James to rank/order the sales over the last 2 or 3 years. If I recall I believe the 38 Epic were the #1 sellers, followed by the Epic 50s but he’d certainly have data that would help you with your bulk purchase. Hubs? Hubs would be the next thing to discuss with James. I had 4 sets and now have 3 set of Tokyowheels (1 with DTSwiss & 3 with Vapor hubs). 2 of the 3 Vapor hubs have needed service. It so happens that both of those (1 ridden by me and 1 by my coach) were used for cyclocross so not surprising that new bearings were needed. I feel your patrons will find the quality of Tokyowheels and the price very favorable.

Hello everyone. My name is Curt and I hail from the South Bend, Indiana area.
I recently decided to get back into road biking after a 30 year hiatus.
Back then I was only a casual rider using a Schwinn Varsity bike…no laughs please…
Last month I turned my sixth decade and felt I should probably think about getting into better shape. That is when my sister-in-law invited me to join her on a ride for Hospice. I accepted the challenge. Since I didn’t have a bike, she loaned me her husbands Fuji Crossfit, which I began riding 10-12 miles every evening.

I quickly took a liking to it and started thinking I could improve if I had better equipment and one that actually fit me…so I went shopping. Not wanting to mortgage the house quite yet, I bought a Giant Defy Carbon. Felt it would be a good way to get started again and not spend a fortune on something I might not participate in enough to make the investment worthwhile. I immediately added 5 more miles to my rides without any additional effort…hmmmm I might be on to something I thought.
I come from the auto racing world, and it didn’t take long for me to start thinking of ways I could improve my new equipment. In racing, light is generally fast, and dealing with rotational weight was one of the first things on my list…which brought me to Tokyo Wheels.

Of course I listened to some talk around the biking watercooler and visited the web sites of Zip and others, but I must say that the response I have had from the people at Tokyo Wheels has been absolutely outstanding.
I initially sent them a quick email asking some questions, and within hours (not days) got a response…and not a short courteous response but a genuine letter explaining in detail the answer to my question. That led to a couple more emails which were also met with the same enthusiasm. So far 3 people from their organization have taken time to actually hold a conversation with me in response to every email I have sent. That is absolutely amazing in today’s fast-pasted - rather-text-you-than-having-to-actaully-speak-to-someone, world.

If for no other reason, I am going to be placing my order for new carbon wheels with them…although I’m sure they are great wheels too.

The Defy comes with the Tiagra…I know, but the frame is nice. After the wheels, a group set of Ultegra (unless the Di2’s drop like a rock in price) will be next.
I do have a question for all you serious riders out there: What bearings will give me the absolute freest ride? Is Ceramic all it is cracked up to be?
I do not intend to race, but I do want to join some club rides. Regardless, I want the best equipment so I can’t use the bike as an excuse.
I’m sure most of you are thinking I should simply buy a much better bike that already comes with all the equipment I’m considering, and that is probably the smart move, but remember…I come from the racing world, and we are constant tinkerers.
Would love hearing from you guys on what you think is the “ultimate” setup for general purpose riding.
Ride on…

First, congratulations on deciding to get back into cycling and a healthier lifestyle. I think that Tokyowheel is still small enough that they can spend the time to reply to each of us and provide the customer service that at least some of us appreciate. Check out Friction Facts at or email Jack at and he likely has hard fact data. Read about friction-facts tests protocols, equipment, and then decide for yourself if you feel it is truly unbiased numbers or at least consistently collected numbers. Some of the data is free and other is not but if you search around you can find some excerpts that some have paid for and posted.
My experience as is that of the group I ride with who have ponied up the money (n=4) for ceramic bearings is that the benefit doesn’t outweigh the costs or durability. If you look at it from the angle of watts saved then keeping a clean well maintained chain (look at pure paraffin versus the high dollar lubs) and carrier pulley wheels and a good combination of tire and the right type of tube which are all cheaper than buying ceramic wheel bearings will save more watts. Just my $0.02 but there is plenty of data out there.

Hi all!
I am Ruben, founder of the website , a website/blog specialized in fixed gear, fixie, single speed, SSCX, CX and fat bikes, maybe some of you are readers! :blush:

I am not one of you, owners of a pair of Tokio Wheels, love their carbon 88mm…OMG! But I would like to be noticed about your opinion as riders?

Thanks all! Best regards!

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Hey Curt,

Awesome post. I’ll let the other forum members give you advice. Just wanted to say hi.

Oh, one more thing, just for fun.

Why is our customer service so awesome?
A few reasons:

  • We want to replicate that awesome experiance you get when going into your local bike shop. You know, the guys that you chat up and get friendly advice from.
  • Also, we are scientific about making it easier for us to give great support. Our systems, policies, culture, everything, is designed to let us use more of our energy giving great support.
  • We like talking to you guys! You are why we work so hard!


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Hi, I am Rina, new to biking, just bought new carbon weels from Tokyo Wheels, happy.

Hey Rina,
Which wheels did you buy? What types of riding are you or do you plan on pursuing; fitness, competitive triathlons, road, criterium, cyclocross? Which wheelset did you go with?

Hi excuse me everyone, my name is Christopher Lam and I am a high schooler and college student in dual enrollment and was wondering for biking since I do bike road and track, primarily track. So I was wondering if carbon was good for commuting and some other tips on riding. Please excuse me for my disrepectful tone or immature attitude.

Hey Christopher, welcome! I’ll let the other community members respond. Just wanted to say hi. Thanks for posting!

Hello Folks,
My name is Ken I was born in the sixty lol, I live in Seattle Washington USA.
I usually ride 50 miles or so a couple times a week with a group of people in their 40. I own a BMC, but did not have carbon wheel and thinking about getting Tokyowheel so I can keep up with those young pubs. Don’t know if the wheel will help.

Hey Ken,
I’m a late 40’s crit, road, and CX racer; well I do a lot of training and race as time permits. I can tell you that switching to carbon wheels certainly won’t hurt depending on what your bike came spec’d with. There are certainly light alloy wheels but most carbon rims and built up wheels generally will be noticeably lighter. Given the quality for the price and the 65 day ride guarantee I’d say you’ve got nothing to lose by giving Tokyowheel a test ride at least. The DTSwiss hubs are near bullet proof and are very light. In my opinion these wheels aren’t cheap but just more affordable since direct from manufacturer. If you decide to give them a go let us know what you think.

Good Morning!
I am Randy and from southeast Massachusetts. I have been getting into Triathalons and now am hooked. I am doing the Lake Placid Ironman this up-coming year and am looking to upgrade my Trek Speed Concept with some carbon wheels. From what I have seen so far, Tokyowheels seem like a good option for the price point but I need some reassurance before laying down the cash. Can anyone provide any input regarding the quality, durability, and value of these products? I have seen so many bad articles about poorly made carbon wheels from China that I am concerned about making a bad decision. Many thanks,

Sent you a PM to reply to your question.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ricardo Mazzini, and I am a triathlete from Lima, Peru currently living in Palo Alto, California. I joined Tokyowheel forum because I believe that joining a community of highly motivated individuals creates a great opportunity to build lasting relationships.

I have been competing in long distance triathlons for the past 5 years, and all I can say is, it never gets easier, you just get better! My objective is simple. Inspire people into becoming a better version of themselves.

I hope that I can help anyone with questions about handling work, family and training all within 24 hours. I am eager to read more about the good reviews of Tokyowheel wheels, and hopefully be able to have my own pair to give a thorough review myself.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan your 2016 season! Great races coming ahead.

Hey @Ricardo.Mazzini, awesome intro post. Welcome! What are your training plans for 2016?

Hello @James_Ferrer!

I have set my goals in three different stages:


  • USAP Southbay Olympic Duathlon (Feb)
  • Half Moon Bay Olympic Triathlon (Mar)
  • North American Championship 70.3 Ironman in St. George (May)
  • Santa Cruz 70.3 Ironman (Sep)
  • GG Half Marathon (Nov)


  • 70.3 World Championship (If I qualify)


  • Haute Route Alps

My goals are ambitious (specially 2018), but I believe this is the best time to accomplish this. Also, it would give me the opportunity to test Tokyowheels to its maximum potential!

Ken from Vancouver.
Been doing Sprint Triathlons & 1/2 marathons for the last two years. I have recently dabbled in track cycling and done a few races as a novice. In 2016 I plan to focus just on road biking and joined a team with the intent to race with them. My front Shimano wheel (RS81 C50) has been damaged beyond repair upon hitting a pot hole, so have thankfully discovered Tokyo wheels 60cm epic as a replacement. I was attracted to the clean elegant look of these wheels (all black with no gaudy large logos) and a reasonable price.