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Hello- just ordered a set. Excited and a bit nervous. Hoping these ride better than my square wheels.

My name is Brian - live with my awesome family in southern md, U.S. Retired Marine. Been running marathons for 24 yrs. not a pro, do it so I can drink beer with a sort of guilt free mindset. Got 3 70.3’s in and 1 full, 2014 Louisville. Signed up for IM MD 2016, flat , COOOL. . I got a 2013 trek, and really a mediocre rider, but looking for a little motivation/reason to ride harder. Got a bunch of folks skeptical about these wheels, but got fingers crossed.

Hey Brian,
First, thank you for your service.
Second, I believe you’re going to be pleased with the wheels and after you get some riding time on them those skeptical folks will likely be impressed with the quality and value. I haven’t yet ordered generation 2.5 with the latest rim profile; however, I’m pleased with the 3 sets that I currently own which are generation 2.0. After you get some time on them post your thoughts.

Hello my name is Patrick, I run a Bicycle shop in Palm Beach Florida for 25 yrs.I got involved in Triathlon back in 1982. One of my first races was Nice, France in 1983. The big 4 where there Scott Molina , Mark Allen, Dave Scott and of course Scott Tinely. Oh yeah Olypian Cyclist John Howard. What a rush I was # bib 10 Molina was 11. Wow after that race I was addicted couldn’t get enough. Chasing the elusive Kona slot for years finally 2002 I got my start and I became a Kona Bro. I have done a lot of tri"s and introduced to some most interesting people. 15 ironman’s so many half Iron’s wow amazed Im still standind. My favorite 70.3 Monaco France 3 starts 3 finishes, veery challenging bike course. Patrick

Hi, I am Johannes. I am Swiss-German and have moved to Northern California in 2013. I have been an active Racer since 1999, in mostly marathons, ultra-distance and time trials. Have attended to the Riderman in Germany 11 years in a row, and was able to win the TT of my age group in my last race there. In 2008 we finished RAAM in the 2Person category in 7d:9hrs. A wonderful project and experience that formed my spirits for the rest of my life. (check out

Living in California as a cyclist is challenging, if you come from Switzerland with fabo roads and endless routes with low traffic. Races are usually secured from traffic. There are races all over the country and nearby neighbors. You could do a top event race every weekend within a 3hr radius. No surprise the level and volume of the broad group of cyclists is high.

Cycling here in Santa Cruz could be wonderful in terms of terrain, climate and people, but the road quality is just ridiculous. This cuts off much of the fun part and forced me to change my rolling material. I find it way more fatiguing and slower to ride here just because of the crappy roads. So surviving with your wheels and tires is key. And most racing is done in open traffic adding high risk. What a strange idea! So yes, I admit, I feel homesick.

But you want to keep going, right? Just ordered a pair of the new epic 5.6 clinchers. I have looked into Tokios for a while now. I liked the solid, quality design and innovative concepts. And since I always wanted a wheel set with different specs for front and rear, now it was my time to buy. Thanks James for introducing this!

Looking forward to ride them! I am training for the Mount Hamilton race next sunday, which happens to be my 60th birthday (on my 50th we did Mont Ventoux during a long distance ride from Spain to Switzerland). It is still to be debated what i should do for the 70th, 80th and 90th, lol!

Fellow cyclists, keep your spirits high, ride safe and enjoy life on two wheels (especially when they are of high quality like Tokiowheels!)

Cheers, Johannes

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Hi All

Nick R from the South of England. I’m 46 and a decent podium athlete at local events and age grouper in National races. I’ve been an active triathlete for 27 years and have competed internationally and nationally at all distances up to and including Ironman, of which I’ve done a few.

I currently ride a BMC TM01, Di2, Stages, Zipp 900 and 808 as a race bike, A BMC TMR01, Di2 Stages, Zipp 303’s, a couple of Giant TCR’s and an Orbea Erdu on the trainer. (Can you have enough bikes).

One of my training group bought some Tokoyowheels last year and I was impressed with them so I’ve taken the leap on some 9.7’s with the vapour carbon hubs. As soon as they show I’ll happily post a non biased review based on having bought and ridden many, many carbon wheels in the past, including Chinese copies.

I look forward to being able to review them.

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Hi, am photosbyrene but just call me Rene. Filipino by blood and US citizen living in Clewiston Fl.
Love biking whenever i can. I work in the Hospital and also run my own photography business.

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Welcome Rene @photosbyrene ,
Saw the photo you uploaded. I like the bike, nice machine for certain. Are those Epic 38s or 50s?

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Hi everyone,

I am Jovial Chan from Malaysia, just join triathlon 4 years, have been to 70.3 Phuket in 2012 and local events 113, still need more experience and advise from you all.

I’m just ordered a set Epic 60-88 carbon clincher wheels set, but haven’t received the wheels yet. anyone can willing to tell me what is the procedures after we make payment? i only have the tracking code after i make payment and also mention estimate arrival date is 28/June/2016, is it meaning arrival will on time? or still need to wait for another tracking code? I had sent 3 times mails to request update me the status, but no one reply me from tokyowheel, Hope i’m writing here can get some solutions from you guys.A bit nervous can’t get on time, i have competition in August. Hope James you can read this, Thanks



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Hi Jovial,
I’ve ordered several sets of Tokyowheels and sometimes the customs on either end can be the reason for a couple of days delay. One time there was a national holiday in China and their customs was closed and that delayed things a couple of days but I still received my wheels within 15; I’m in USA and my wheels seemed to make it through customs once here in 2 days. The shortest time from order to receipt was 10 days. Don’t worry, your wheels are on the way.

Hi Jeffrey,
Thanks for your information, maybe i need wait a couple of days. Cheers

Hi Jovial. I’m on the Community Management team at Tokyowheel. I received the email you sent yesterday and have responded. Thanks!

Hey Jovial,
Let the community know once your wheels arrive and what you think. I’ve been racing my Epic 50s with DT Swiss hub weekly in a local criterium series and I still love them although to be honest I can’t wait until cyclocross season and put the Elite 38s back to use. Do a google search for Attila Shelton youtube and you’ll see some GoPro uploads of our criterium series if interested.Enjoy the wheels and good luck in your competition in August that you mentioned.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your information, I just tried my wheels yesterday. feeling a bit hard for me, maybe my leg not strong enough. Do u know what is the recommend AVG Speed for the Epic 60-88? I need train hard to sustain this wheels.

Everyone is unique so can’t recommend specific speed. Training by power is the gold standard today. Heart rate can be used effectively but is influenced significantly by many factors. I recall you’ve been competing in triathlons for 4 years and have competed in various distances; but maybe look at getting a coach or working with someone who is more experienced. I have found a coach ( @rothetraining Stefan Rothe) to be very beneficial and has helped me tremendously for cyclocross. There are many tools available and some available free online. I use and there are many others available. August is just around the corner and keep up updated with how your competition went.

Hello all,

I’m Tom Levy. I’m a GB age grouper over the long distance triathlons. So I currently set to race the European Middle distance championships on 4th September and the World Long distance championships in Oklahoma on 24th September. I currently ride a Boardman Air TT 9.0 with upgraded cranks to Inpower cranks, Q-rings and Zipp 808’s.

Back in May I had a major bike crash in the Big East Triathlon which is a shame because I was in a strong position but also because it put me out of action for 7 weeks due to a broken right arm, broken left hand and broken left cheek. I’m now back training and striving for every opportunity I can get hold of. The accident did help improve my bike as all I had to do for 7 weeks was sit on my turbo and train. So I now stronger than before.

Away from the bike I am a keen power kite flyer, having featured in extreme sports documentaries about it.

If you’d like to know more about me or see my promo video please visit

Glad to hear you recovered well and back at it. Keep us posted on how things go in Europe and Oklahoma for World Long Championships. Good luck.

I’m Haslizan from State of Perlis, Malaysia.
10 years involved in cycling. I loved road ride. I’m 100km weekend cyclist and loved all outdoors activities like running, hiking, camping and motorcycle touring.
This coming December willing to take part at ChiangMai full marathon. Sigh.

A new one,i also like the running!

I’m Eric Castro from LA, California. I love climbing, century ride (KOMs) and a regular visitor of Hollywood Sign. I’m looking for a great carbon climbing wheels. Thanks.

Keep up posted how your marathon goes.