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What wheels are you riding now @boyhollywood ? Are you looking for an all around or purely climbing. Where I live we only have short, steep hills so no long climbs. We have a few climbs where we can get 1200m-2000m and the gradient is super steep but no long climbs. Little envious of the climbs you have near you.

Hello all -

My name is Michael and I live and ride in Valencia, California (USA). I am relatively new to cycling (1 ½ yrs.) and currently ride a 2013 Cannondale CAD 10, this bike came stock with Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels and do a fairly good job. I don’t presently race and consider myself an all-around rider (two maybe three rides a week averaging approx. 90 - 120 miles and approx… 30% of my rides consist of climbing – hopefully this will increase in the near future). I am considering up grading my wheels to Tokyowheels and encourage recommendations and feedback regarding the right wheelset. I am looking at the Epic 5.6 Clincher Wheelset with the stock VAPOR 2 Hubs.

All the bset,

Hi I’m Rob, I live in Oro Valley, AZ.

I currently ride a Scott CR1. Depending on the time of year and my schedule I ride 2 - 4 times a week 30 - 35 mile/ride. I just ordered a set of Epic 5.6 with the standard hubs. I am looking forward to the new wheels.

Hey @phillrf , keep the forum updated on the wheels; what you like, dislike, etc. I have several sets of the previous generation Tokyowheels and don’t foresee needing another set in the near future but when I do it’d be nice to hear everyone’s feedback on the newest generation.

My name is Linda Brown. I live in southeastern Illinois amongst corn and beans!! :slight_smile: I have been an avid cyclist for about 20 years. I am a recreational rider who took up cycling after aging out of playing sports (basketball and softball). I previously worked in the bicycle business at Highway Two and SKS-USA, both located here in my hometown of Olney. My biggest passion is traveling, having fun and meeting new people!!

hi anl, men new bike road.

Hi My Name is Ed Sinofsky and I am a 58 year old Physicist living on Cape Cod Massachusetts. I started biking in February on a pedal assist ebike. It has changed my life. I hit 5000 miles today on a 65 mile group ride. I have been interested in aerodynamics since I was a teen, my first job was making sails for boats. I became an optical physicist and work on medical optics and LED lighting art. I windsurfed for decades, and stand up paddle board. All involve aero.

This week I averaged 20.5mph for 190 miles, I like to ride fast and far. Since I have an ebike I don’t participate in Strava leaderboards or race. I compete against my own PRs. I take a lot of data and saw a big increase in speed when I went from 2 inch to 1.5 inch tires. I currently run 27.5", but am thinking about changing to 700c wheels by 28 or 30 mm tires.

As a scientist I am fascinated by what my increase in speed, or increase in battery range at the same speed aero wheels may offer. If my budget was bigger I would have already ordered some, but since I don’t really compete it is hard to justify the expense. I have a new idea I need to save up for a patent on.

But anyway aero wheels look cool, and this brand seems very interesting. I like Jame’s style in the videos I have watched.

Be well and keep the rubber down!

ed aka “glowmaster”

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Welcome Ed! Thanks for posting. What kind of eBike are you riding? Let me know anytime you have any questions, or need anything!

Hi everyone, we had some issues with the technology on the forum, and have just resolved it. So feel free to resume posing. We’re here to help!

My name is Jay Larsson…living in Houston. Been an avid cyclist for 45 years now (yes, I am old). Raced back in the day in Illinois, California and Hawaii (cat. 3). Now just train for life, stay in shape and keep some kind of “edge” in these golden years. I manage to ride 5-6K miles per year. A friend in Chicago turned me on the TW a few years ago…love them!!! (except for the wheel stickers…which I have removed all of them…they were coming off while riding…haha). So…put on my own custom decals on both sides of each wheel. A bit of advertising for my firm I guess…:-))))))

I am an Architect with my own company…very slow now is this new world order of COVID-19. Still able to get out on the roads here in Houston…but getting more and more locked down. Stay tuned.

Be safe and avoid group rides these days for your safety.



Hello All my Name is Scott from Avon Indiana I ride Gravel, Road and MTB but if it has two wheels and pedals I’ll try it. I used to way 250 and through cycling now maintain between 175-180. My newest two wheeled passion is Gravel and cannot wait to get my new wheels. I am an avid photographer and share that business with my wife.

My name is Joe. Been racing or turning a wrench on bikes for about forty years now. I still have a massive amount of passion for the sport. Feel very strongly that upgrading the wheels on any bike will give it a huge increase in enjoyment.
I live and ride mostly in Michigan but have ridden all over the USA. I ride the roads, paved and unpaved but love all cycling. I also do a bit of gardening

Hey Scott!! That’s a really impressive body transformation you’ve done! Congradulations! Share some photos when you have time :biking_man::camera:

Hey Joe! Welcome! Isn’t that great about cycling, we can do it our whole lives, and it can be enjoyable the entire time.

Hey Jay! Yeah, we all are feeling the COVID19 these days. Fortunatly cycling is somewhat possible within all the guidelines. :muscle:

Hello, I’m Chee from the UK (originally from Malaysia). I’m into road cycling. I first started riding and commuting to work in 2009. This is the year when I really got into road cycling because of the way Mark Cavendish took the Tour by storm. I still wear the HTC Columbia racing helmet with the white and yellow colours. It’s such an old out of date helmet but it’s my favourite.

I have done the eTap Du Tour 2017, Maratona 2019, Prudential London Ride 100 2018, Brompton World Champs 2018, Tour De Yorkshire 2019 sportive.

Also on my list of goals:

3 ascents of Ventoux
Another eTap Du Tour
Another Maratona
A cycling sportive in Spain
A cycle sportive in scandanavia
A cycle sportive in latin America
Was aiming to qualify for the UCI World championships in Vancouver this year by riding in the Tour of Cambridge Gran fondo but that will have to wait till next year due to the coronavirus.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet with Tokyo wheels but I think I will be giving in very soon.

I ride with the wireless sram etap groupset (absolutely awesome) and tubeless and am actually looking to get another road bike, not carbon but steel.

Other passions:

Cooking, Gardening, Chess, football (watching my team, hopefully win the league this year :slight_smile: ), learning Spanish, running every now and again.

Thanks and hope to help and make new friends and constantly learn and experience new things.


This David from Tampa. I ride for fun on my carbon road bike to keep in shape and get out of the house. I really love swimming and hunting and make time for some gardening in my spare time. After retiring from the Army i slowed down a bit and take one day at a time.

Hey David. Welcome!!

Hey Chee,

That’s an awesome list of goals!!

BTW, I totally support your love of steel bikes. Steel is real!

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Giles Philip, 50 years old based in Perth, Western Australia. Keen “social” and “challenge” cyclist. For me riding is really a chance to reconnect with the elements - spending 8-10 hours a day in an office, in front of computer is very canned and predictable, riding gives me the outlet. I’m also a keen photographer and riding at sunrise shows me a host of different perspectives on our city.

Ride with (well I did) group of diverse guys from all walks of life - we are each other’s therapy - it’s been a tight group for a while now and an fantastic network to rely on when things are tougher.