Just Placed My Order

Just place an order of the 50-60 Epic Clincher Wheelset with an upgrade of
Lighter Ceramic 4 Bearing Hubs + Sapim Cx-Ray Spokes & SILS Nipples with Green Logo. Can’t wait to try out once I receive them. Will post pictures n video review.

Hey Mike,
I have both the DTSwiss and the Vapor hubs but haven’t upgraded to the ceramic hubs. Let us know what you think and any info as you put more and more miles on the ceramic bearing hubs.

If I get the wheelset b4 2/12 then that would b super great due to the fact I have a Palm Springs Century event on Feb 14. That would b the perfect test for the wheelset 50-60 Epic n the Ceramic Bearing Hub. Will post more info on it.

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