LASIK For Cycling

I just had LASIK, laser vision correction surgery, to enhance my cycling lifestyle.

Here are my Performance Results!

Before LASIK, my vision was measured as 20/200+2, and one week after the surgery, it has improved to 20/10+2.

What do those numbers mean? I will teach you.

20/20 is normal good vision. That means that the line on the eye chart a normal person can read at 20 feet away, you can read at 20 feet away.

My pre-LASIK score was 20/200+2 . This means that what a normal person can read at 200 feet, I could not read at more than 20 feet. It was pretty bad :frowning: I was only able to read the line 94605 on the chart. The +2 means that I successfully read 2 of the numbers from the next smaller line (28394), but got 3 numbers incorrect. So the +2 is like partial points.

One week after the LASIK surgery, I was tested again. I was able to read the 20/10+2 . This means that what the normal person can read at 10 feet I can read at 20 feet. My vision is essentially twice as good as ‘normal’. I was also able to score a +2, meaning I could read 2 of the numbers on the line smaller than 20/10, but not he full line.

That puts me in the top 5% of all humans in visual acuity.

The 20/10 line is 29653 on the eye chart pictured. It is two lines below the pink 20/20 line. Can you read that? :slight_smile:

The only downside is that I cannot ride my bike for 1 month after the surgery. But it’s already down to 3 weeks, so I’ll manage :wink:

Overall I highly recommend LASIK to anyone looking to improve their active, cycling, lifestyle.