More than wheels?

Hi James,
Do you think Tokyowheel might ever explore other accessories such as carbon bars, stems, or forks?

Our top priority is to support our customers, and we are always learning what that means. We’ve had a lot of requests for non-wheel products (mostly accessories). Other carbon parts are especially of interest to us, as they would allow us to provide the same value proposition as our wheels (Awesome performance at a midrange price).

If you were to cast your vote for the first non-wheel product from Tokyowheel, what would be your choice.

Bars of all types. Personally I’d like road specific bars but the triathletes and TT specialist would probably appreciate a top quality bar and that market is more likely to upgrade those than roadies but that’s just my opinion.
I was shocked to learn how much bars cost for triathletes; recently I had Austin Tricyclist build up a new Cervelo P2 with Shimano Di2 for my wife and I remember the bars she chose. Whew, not cheap but super light and highly adjustable.

What are other people thinking?


so true Jeffrey, they cost a fortune. i added a carbon from bottle holder and ended up paying well over 250$… here would be my list: pumps, Carbon bottle frames and handlebars for sure.

In addition i would like pedals and cranksets.

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Your list is a good one; be interesting to see which direction Tokyowheel goes in the future.

I just asked our email community this question and we received over 200 replies in 24 hours. The major takeaways are 1. Lifestyle goods like kit, hats, stickers and 2. Carbon accessories in the following rank order: bars/aerobars, stems, seat posts, cranks.

We have been doing a lot of team building recently and have much more bandwidth to bring these this to the community.


I should also mention that MTB wheels, Track hubs, and power meters were requested multiple times each.

How about something like these bars?


I haven’t ridden the Cervelo carbon aero bar but I have ridden a bike at the shop with the Zipp SL70 road aero bar and it is plenty comfortable.
Here is info taken from Zipp website, "A traditional round-tube section creates drag of about 0.74 Newtons, which we found requires about 7.5 watts of effort at 30mph (48.3kph) to overcome. The airfoil developed in CFD that is used in the SL-70 Aero handlebar creates just 0.11N of drag, which means a savings of 6.4 watts over a round-tube section."
Cervelo didn’t have near as much info but here is what I found on their website. "Cervélo’s new All-Carbon Aero Handlebar saves 4.4 Watts over a standard round bar. With 80mm reach and 128mm drop, compatible with standard 31.8mm stem…"
Either design is claimed to save watts but beyond that I just like the look of the Zipp I just haven’t wanted to pay a lot of money for them.

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Our of curiosity, let’s say that you decided that offering carbon stems and aero bars made good business sense for Tokyowheel; how long would it take from concept to 1st production run and testing?

Good question. There are two points. The basic answer is 3~6 months. But the real answer is that we want to get to the second generation of product as fast as possible. To do that we may release a rather ‘normal’ initial product quickly for the purpose of getting customer feedback and determining what areas we can make advancements that offer real world value. So in that case we may release 1.0 product in small numbers within a matter of weeks, and then a 2.0 product that is a big step forward in 3~12 months.

FYI this is the same workflow we would probably do If we went into MTB wheels.

Are you still thinking on carbon bars? I would love to see something of the process, maybe the community could help if we see something.
In my opinion people is more of buying bars similar to 3T’s and Cinelli’s bar+stem combos.

Great feedback, yes we’re considering some non-wheel products like bars. I can’t say much more at the moment, but we’ll let everyone in on the development as early as possible. In the meantime, help us with our new wheels.

Hi @neberabaltz,
I’m a roadie and just bought some Zipp SL70 aero bars and stem and love them; actually much more comfortable than I thought; only downside to the bar & stem was the price.

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Hi @attilashelton
I’m thinking on trying HYLIX carbon bars (the ergonova ones), I have researched all the internet looking for carbon bars with the same quality/price relationship of tokyowheels, and maybe they are the option, but they are just available on ebay shops, the brand is not seeling them directly and it makes me doubt.

Do you know something about carbon/cheap/china bars?

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Hi @neberabaltz,
I wish I some information about some of the lower cost bars but unfortunately I don’t. Let us know what you end of getting and if you like what you purchase.
Good luck,

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Hey James, I don’t know exactly how wide is your testing and tester spectrum, but to me with parts which may undergo relatively extended fatigue stress and high frequency vibrations, 3 months to 1st retail preseries seems rather short.

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Hi James, I would suggest you… what if you develop a power meter for all types of carbon crank arm like 4iiii and Stages? Also consider the power meter in your Tokyowheel hub?

Hey @anthonyyeoh9 that’s a great suggestion