News on delivery date on Epic 7.10 / ProHubs

I know I have asked on mail also. But I am looking so much forward to try your Epic 10.7, after I participated in the pre-sale . The Danish winter is rapidly approaching, and I don’t think my bike likes the cold (or maby it is me). So, do you have any updates on the shipping date on the 10.7?

A couple of have asked this 10 days ago. the response varies from, we’ve built some but we’ve got loads of orders and the carbon hubs were late, to we’ve taken on more staff and they are late…they are indeed late by about a month now.

@James_Ferrer would that mean, if I downgrade to Dt Swiss, then there would be no problem? Because wife is beginning to doubt my decision, to pay so meany month in advance.

This is just my opinion but I wouldn’t consider DT Swiss a downgrade. Nothing against Tokyowheels new hubs but DT Swiss has been making quality hubs for a long time and when you do need to service and all sealed bearing hub need service you can easily find bearings if replacement is needed.

I know that Dt Swiss is not a downgrade in quality, I ment in price:) if the option for Dt Swiss had been an option, at the pree sale, I would probably have chosen that. @James_Ferrer is it possible to change to Dt Swiss?
I just got a mail from James, explaining the damage in infrastructure from the typhoon, and the problems that it brings along.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for you comments. About the delays, I know it’s super frustrating. Believe me, I’m 10x more frustrated than anyone at these delays. Currently we’re a little more than 2 weeks past the point at which we expected to be shipping the 7.10 and pro hubs. Although we have started shipping them, we have a hude number of unshipped preorders still. The reality is we’re also behind schedule on new orders for the 3.4 and 5.6 , as a result.

The big holdup is primarily carbon moulding. We just can’t make the rims fast enough with our current supply chain.

When it rains it pours, literally. Typhoon Maranti, really messed up the whole area where we do our carbon moulding, wheel building and shipping. So that’s added onto the already bad delays.

I’m sure you all understand that we aren’t delaying things on purpose, it’s a cascading effect of various parts of the process taking longer than expected. I know it sucks, and I personally apologize for it. This keeps me up at night, because I can’t find a way to make things go any faster at this point.

You can certainly change to DT Swiss hubs, but it won’t significantly change the timeline for shipment, unfortunately.

I know this isn’t the answer you guys want, and it’s not the situation I want either. But like I said, I can’t seem to find a way to speed things up for the currently unshipped preorders. I wish I could.

I have temporarily stopped all marketing efforts, so as to not add any new orders to the queue, while we have unshipped preorders. That’s one of the only things that I can do to potentially speed up delivery. If there was anything else possible, I promise you I would be doing it.

So please accept my apologies for the delays. We are working hard to get the wheels out to you all as soon as possible.

Hi there. Yes you can change your hubs no problem. Send me an email - with details and I will sort it out for you. Thanks.

Hi James,

I ordered a set of the 5.6 wheels on August 27. Shipping was estimated at Sept 3. Since about Sept 8 I have been in regular contact with your team who are responsive and considerate folks, which is great. I recognize that the typhoon is an “act of God” and that’s not something you can control. Production bottlenecks also happen; I get that.

However, a few things are very frustrating:

  • My order page still shows Sept 3 as the shipping date; it is Sept 21. I was given an estimated shipping date of “mid September” by your team; that has obviously come and gone.
  • If shipping dates slip, you need to give people updates proactively. There have been no updates from TokyoWheel that you have initiated. (I have only received replies to my direct emails. Which is great, but it should not be my job to chase TokyoWheel)
  • the website still promises delivery in 10-14 days. That’s clearly not true. You shouldn’t be advertising those shipping dates right now.
  • I convinced 3 of my friends to order wheelsets after I ordered them. 2 of my friends have already received their wheels (including an epic 5.6 wheelset). Someone who ordered the same wheels, after me, shouldn’t be getting theirs before mine are even built. That says to me that the production process is disorganized.
  • since I purchased my wheels 25 days ago (you have my money), am I already 25 days into the warranty period?

The good news is that my friends are thrilled with the wheels so far. They look AWESOME. I am very jealous. I am prepared to forgive a lot, for a good product. I just want my own, or at least want to know when I will get them.

I like your business model. I like the philosophy. The product seems to be great. I love supporting the little guy. But my customer experience has so far, not been great.

And the direct sale approach requires superb customer service and automated updates in order to be successful. I think of companies like chain reaction and Jensen USA that I buy from regularly. I always know exactly where my order is at, without having to ask.

I buy custom frames from on Phoenix - a small company, but the best service I have received from anyone, anywhere. That’s what TokyoWheel needs to shoot for, in order to succeed.

Hope this bottleneck gets resolved soon and that you can keep your patient (but getting less patient!) customers up to date!


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Hi Magnus,

Thanks for posing. Wow, I really respect you for taking the time to comment on the specific points you did. I am in 100% agreement with all of your points, and actually there are quite a few other things that you haven’t mentioned that need to be improved as well.

One of the key issues is that we have a very good employee, currently in the wrong position. In their current position, they are the source of a disproportionately large amount of issues.

The good news is is that I will be personally taking responsibility for this role, and this area of business. I am setting up a new office/factory inorder to do this now. Unfortunately that cannot be completed overnight.

I am acutely aware of all of these issues, and actively working to prevent them from happening in the ongoing future.

I do apologize for the poor customer experience. I put a huge emphasis on our customers having a positive experience with Tokyowheel, so when something like this happens, and our processes and systems fail to provide that consistently, I am always working to improve.

I really appreciate you and many of our other customers, for sticking with us in a difficult time. Please let me know any other frustrating or negative things that you have experienced, or any suggestions you have for ways to improve. I will be implementing solutions to everything that you mentioned in your post, and have already begun on the majority of them.


I’ve been a long time fan of Tokyowheels and the customer service. Way, way back (which to me does seem like a long time) when Tokyowheels were first available in the USA I was an early customer and honestly the only reason I took a chance was the interactions I had with James. Tokyowheel has grown (probably exponentially but I don’t have that data) and in my guess Tokyowheels is experiencing the good and bad of the growth. I’ve got 3 sets of the previous (classic) Tokyowheels for different applications so unlikely to order soon but can understand the frustrations for those ordering the next generation and experiencing delays. This is an opportunity to find a better way and I bet the current and future customers will benefit from feedback we all provide.

I am getting frustrated that I still do not have the 7.10’s i ordered on May 24th. What is the latest update on getting these shipped? Should I expect them soon? I have sent to emails to support but never heard back…

Hi @jpmalon ,
Maybe consider calling the customer service representatives.

Hi everyone. Thanks for you patience and sorry again that we are way behind schedule in getting out some of your orders. We estimate to have all our unshipped orders shipped by the 11th. I am also putting into place major changes in our supply chain and manufacturing to reduce wait time for every customer and eliminate and long delays like this in the future. Sorry again for all the waiting, we want you to have your wheels as quick as possible and are working hard to get them out to you. Thanks!

Yeah, I ordered an Epic 5.6 set over a month ago (Sept 7) and there are no updates on my account or anything. I had to contact Tokyowheel multiple times to get updates.

I get that things happen, especially natural diasters. No one is faulting for those delays. But the lack of proactive communication has been an absolute killer. Period. It’s unacceptable. No date adjustments on our orders. No notices on the website. No emails sent out to customers with outstanding orders. Not even updates on Facebook or Twitter. I mean, genuinely it feels like it’s a scam and you took my money. In the back of my mind I’m actually nervous, especially since I was told my wheels were done and in quality control before the Typhoon hit over two weeks ago, and then a week ago was told the shop is back up and running. As a company you NEED to communicate first and often.

With that said, I was really hoping to use these wheels a bit before winter, but that seems unlikely at this point. I just want to know where my wheels are at.

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Hi James.
Do you have any updates on the production of the 7.10, and the problems with the infrastructure after the typhoon?
Because like Sean_themighty I become more and more nervous. Maby it is because my outdoor training has ended, an I am thinking about the 65days test ride. Looking at my garmin connect, my first ride outside, last year, was March 22. Could we find a solution for that? The september 19 you wrote that you had started shipping 7.10? I think I was between the first 5 to pree order, but I haven’t heard anything. If the pro hub is the problem, I would have like to know, so I could have make a decision to switch.

Hope yours arrived! I ordered the same wheels in late August and just got mine late last week. I experienced all the same frustrations you did and I don’t understand why TokyoWheels seems incapable of proactive communicate. How hard is it to put some updates on the website if there are delays?

The good news is that the wheels really look great. Haven’t mounted them yet but three of my buddies also got a set and the reports are all positive so far. At the end of the day, despite the strange and frustrating customer service experience I think I’ve got a

bomber set of wheels at a good price.s

Let us know what you think. Good to hear that the wheels are shipping and arriving.

I was part of the pre-order crowd. I ordered the Epic 5.6 July 14, 2016 which I received 10/21/16. I did order the pro-hub which I guess caused some delay due to production chain problems. I did switch to the DT Swiss 240s and they turned out nice. I agree, there could have been better comms on the website. I did e-mail TJ and Kane a lot to give me details and updates. Props to those guys because the did respond the next day. With the delays in production and the typhoon that hit China, my wheels arrived in great shape 3-weeks late. Over all, I was a more proactive with the communication. They did give me a small discount off my order, nice gesture. I hope your order comes in soon.

I too was part of the pre-order crowd (26th May 2016) and changed my hubs after a month or so of waiting (as clearly stated in the pre-sale). The reason why I changed my hubs was because the specs had changed from the original advertising.Once I made the request I asked for my order to be pushed forward since I was one of the first to purchase and it was not my fault why I had to change hubs. In my opinion they have used this an excuse to push my order to the back of the queue instead. I have just been told my order has just been shipped so I suppose I will receive them in 2 or 3 more weeks. I was not offered any compensation and they obviously did not prioritize my order. All I say is that they better be good as I have my race bike sitting in the garage with no wheels on it waiting to be used. After nearly 5 months my patience has run out, absolutely ordinary.

I did ask later that they check my wheels carefully rather than rush them out as there is a good chance the production line has been rushed. This too looks like it has been used as an excuse to further delay the process in my opinion. James should have halted the sale offer until they had caught up with production. I’ve had enough. I have avoided posting negative experiences on the blog up until now. By the time I receive my wheels it will be 5 1/2 months if I’m lucky.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your posts, and expressing your concerns and criticisms. I appreciate you taking the time to voice your frustrations, it helps me to understand which areas of our business process are underperforming.

I want to give you a status update, and also discuss some of the specific points you mentioned, so that you know I am hearing you and actively working to improve.

The orders that have still yet to ship, are about 15 customers wheelsets with the pro hub option. Unfortunately these customers represent our must dedicate and best customers, but have received our absolute worst service. For that I personally apologize. We aren’t trying to do anything scammy, or be disrespectful. I also know that you don’t want to hear excuses, you just want to get your wheels, and get out on your bike.

The final batch of pro hubs, necessary to fulfill all the current orders, is due to be finished this week. We have very strict safety and quality testing standards, and I want you to know that we aren’t going to compromise on those, even though this is a rush situation.

We are going to keep the pro hub option as out of stock, on our website, until we are able to build up a sufficient stock, so as to avoid any delays like this in the future. I estimate that we will have this hub option available again in early December.

The Epic 7.10, was also delayed, but that has been resolved, and they are shipping as normal.

The main problem that we had was a failure, on my part, to predict the changes and unexpected challenges that would come from making the major change to our product line earlier this summer. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have presold the pro hub option at the same time as all of our new rim models. The development of the pro hub was started much later than the rim development, and it was a stretch to give the estimated shipping date that we did. I thought it could be done by our manufacturing team, but in the end it took longer than expected, much longer. That was my mistake, I wanted to bring you a more innovative and differentiated product, but the delays spoiled that experience for you.

There are two other big issues, that you mentioned, that I am actively working on a solution for. These are the accuracy of our shipping estimates, and having that information proactively communicated when the estimates change. I won’t burden you with the details, but I will tell you that the solution requires a change in personnel, process, and technology. From the outside it seems like this should be a very easy ‘no-brained’ fix, but in reality it requires multiple fairly significant changes.

As I mentioned in a previous post on this thread, I had suspended all marketing and sales efforts, about 1 month ago. I did this out of respect for you waiting customers, and to not apply any additional load on our production department. I’m going to resume those efforts, as of today, with the exception of the pro hubs, which will remain out of stock. I hope you aren’t offended.

In summary, I want you all to know that I respect you very much as customers, and am sincerely sorry for causing you the stress of these ever longer delays. I want you to know that I am changing our processes to minimize the risk of these types of failures in the future. Thank you very much for your amazing patience, and the very respectfull and friendly way you all have handled this situation.