Next Generation Tokyowheels (2016)

This post is our space to work with the Tokyowheel community on our next generation product line.

The 3rd generation product line is now available. See the announcement post for more information.


If you decide to get into mtb bike wheels then tubeless compatible would be a must. Thru-axle seems to be gaining traction and you’ve already created a topic on the forum so maybe others will have some feedback. You already allow for some customization of wheels with hubs, spokes, decals, etc. but maybe spoke nipple color choices would be nice too.


After taking a straw poll at the shop tonight I think it might be useful for Tokyowheels to collect data as to whether tubeless compatible 700c wheels would be well received.

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I would like to see clincher disk wheel. I would get one for my tri bike for sure.


Hi ,
In my opinion is important to create wheels that can support a rider of 100 kilos. A lot of sporters who can effort to buy this kind of wheels are already above the 40 and donot have so much time to train ( loose weight). Therefore it is important to point out the safety of youre wheels. Because if the wheels are breaking ore shacking this will cause
horrible accidents. None of youre competitors are pointing out the safety of the wheels.



In my opinion it is not smart to ride with climbing wheels if you have a weight from 100 kg or more.

The most high profile carbon wheels are strong enough for riders from 100 kg for normal use.

Loosing weight begins with healty food and not with riding your bike…


I was just reading a short article about Zipp offering thru axles. The segment is small right now but I’ve got to believe that if Zipp is offering thru-axles then they have data to suggest the market is ready. Different segment of riders but it might be one that is growing. Has Tokyowheel considered thru-axle hubs?


I think that by now its been determined that if you take the 80’s with the ceramic hub you are in a pretty good safe zone, weight wise…

Are they offering that only on their Disc hubs?

Let me find the article again and I’ll update you James; if I recall correctly it was the disc hubs but let me confirm this.

Hey James, Looks like currently thru-axles are only on their disc hubs.

Makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

Seems like that would be a pretty small market; do you agree?

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We don’t sell very many disc hubs now, compared to non-disc. But probably would sell more if thru axel was an option. The real big decision is to make a new set of rim moulds specifically for disc rims. That’s probably much lower ROI then just offering an improved hubset.

I’m considering switching our current disc hubs to DT Swiss 350s straight pull center-loc thru-axel 135mm. It will increase the price a little more than current disc upgrade. Any thoughts on that?

Our wheels are very good as they are now. And through very personal communication with thousands of customers over the past few years we have come to define specific points for improvement. For example we need fewer models, with more clear use cases, to make it easier for customers to choose.

  1. The climbing and classic road riding wheel set

  2. The aero all-around wheel set

  3. The triathlon wheel set

  4. The tubular road racing wheel set.

(Cross, MTB, etc)

That’s something that’s become very obvious over time. These are the types of changes we will make.

I should also just go out and mention it. This marks the beginning of active development of our next generation wheels. Our goal is to provide an insider look and participation into the process, as well as early adopter preorders.

I’ve just done a round of hiring to get team tokyowheel’s bandwidth up high enough to really dominate with our next gen wheels.

I’m still getting the new team members onboarded.

We’ll start accelerating the next gen wheels shortly. So please look forward to that. Thanks


If you switch then won’t that preclude those of us whose frames and forks aren’t set up for the thru-axle?

Great point Jeffrey, specifically with the DT Swiss 350s hubset we’ll be able to offer QR or Thru-Axel with a swap of end caps. So it shouldn’t alienate anyone. I wonder if we should let customers select qr vs thru-axel or if we should include the parts for both with every wheelset. Any thoughts on that?

I would think if you shipped with both options then that would cost you money when not necessary. Seems to me that customers can purchase what is needed at the time and if for example I change to a complete thru-axle frame then I could buy those parts from Tokyowheel at the time I’m lucky enough to get a new frame. Maybe collect some data from something like and that might help.

We are really ramping up work on the next generation Tokyowheels (3.0). We have to cross a few internal milestones before we
can open things up to the community. But what we are planning now is getting everyone involved ASAP. We have some questions for you like:

On our triathlon specific wheel set do you want a 110mm deep rear rim or a rear disc.

Also, we’ve got a whole new engineering team as well as a customer service team onboarding now. So that will free me up to work with the community more on the gen wheels.

Tentative timeline is preorder in the summer 2015. Delivery and normal sales in the winter (ready for next warm season).

I’ve found that communication is the core of our business. With the help of our new team members I will try to present more information (blog posts, forum engagement, maybe live webinars), about our history and our current progress in research, technology, distribution, culture, etc.

Get excited, things are going to the next level :slight_smile: