Powertap Hub Option

We have been getting a lot of requests for Powertap hub upgrade recently. I am opening this topic to discussion. Please post on here if you would like us to offer a Powertap hub option. We will follow the communities interest.

I am a powertap used with my Zipp 404s and I find it to be an excellent stable device. I have had it for almost 3 years and have put on 12,000 KM in that time with no problems. Easy to change batteries. Power measurements seem to be reliable and consistent. I would like to install the same on my new wheels but it would be costly and inefficient to buy the Tokyo wheels and then have my local shop do the change.

The best solution would be for Tokyo to provide a powertap option. Most other power meters would be quite a bit more money or not tried and true like the powertap.

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Maybe it is possible to only sell rims only so that we can ask our local dealer to make the wheels with a powertap

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Not sure about licensing and supply agreements but if Tokyowheel could offer their rims with the PowerTap power meter option and the price still remain very competitive then there would be a segment that would be in. The key would be to collect data on the percentage of specialty wheels at a function, ride, race, etc that have a PowerTap. I’ll definitely pay closer attention now that this topic has been brought up.

This option would motivate me to by wheels sooner rather than later…


A powertap hub option is something that might happen in the future. Selling rims only, won’t be happening.

Hi, have you already decided whether you are going to sell wheels with powertap or not?

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for asking. If it happens it won’t be anytime soon. Sorry.

Would love to have a Power tap option for the rear wheels!

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