Results on the wheels

Ive had a couple of good wins in Australia on my Tokyo’s lately.

A one day race on my elite 38mm. 100km including a solid 6km clilmb on dirt with a tricky sprint finish. I climbed comfortably and won the sprint by about 4 bike lengths. The wheels held up perfectly and accelerate very well for sprinting.

On the same wheels I won a kermeese stage of a tour and climbed on them really well.

I have raced some flat windy races on my 60mms and at 60kg I was concerned I would get moved around in the wind but it was fine so the rim shape seems to work well in the cross winds.

Overall they are solid, fast wheels and I feel very safe descending and cornering on them.


We have a weekly criterium near where I live from March thru October called ‘The Driveway Series’. The Driveway is a motorsports training facility and race track that rents the facility every Thursday night to Holland Racing for bike races… I don’t like crits but given work schedule and lack of time to train these are always good to use as part of training. The course changes weekly and is an amazing venue for bike racing. When James was in Austin last summer I took him out to see the races. I haven’t been able to ride the first 4 week but for week 5 I was able to slip away from work and ride. I have no “result” because I finished in the pack and happy to do that given about 1/2 of the field dropped out. Oh, and I’m rolling my Epic 50s.

Not my video but one of the Elbowz young guys posted some video of the Driveway if anyone wants to have a look.