Screeching Front Brake Noise- Epic 60's (wet conditions)

Hi !

On my maiden voyage testing the new wheels in the rain and wet the front brake screeched loudly everytime I applied the brakes.
What causes this and can it be eliminated ?

Still love the wheels, below is my review at the bottom of the page (see the picutre of the Cervelo).

My review of the EPIC 60’s-first ride


I have the same problem, both wheels any weather conditions… mentioned it to James the other day (who suggested to replace the break blocks or clean the surface area with alcohol). I actually had a closer look at the braking area and noticed that the surface have flat spots on it, I would then assume this is the reason for the screeching, because the brake blocks cant maintain the grip all round the wheel and skids intermittedly… helluva annoying sound and not safe…

Had the wheels for about 9-10 months, love it, but not sure what next to do with it…


what do you mean by a flat spot? The entire circumference is supposed to be flat. Do you mean high spots? Are you getting vibration pulses when braking as well as screeching ?

Did you or your shop set the brake pad toe-in? My rim brake Tokyowheels have made some noise before but that was under very heavy braking conditions. I also switched to Zipp platinum brake pads and prefer those over the standard Tokyowheel blue or black (no longer available as far as I know) and as I said the only time I hear a screech is if I’m braking very heavily.

Hello all. Thanks for bringing this up. Carbon wheels in general tend to be a little more prone to squeaks than their metal counterparts, but the issue is usually easily resolved. As Atilla suggests, toeing your pads in is the first thing to try. Luckily it’s really straightforward. There is a brief guide on how to do it & a few other tips in an email titled ‘Troubleshooting’ we send out to customers post-purchase. If you didn’t receive this let me know ( and I’ll send one out to you. Alternatively, guides to toeing in pads or otherwise addressing squeaks abound online (squeaks are much loved!). Toeing the pads in probably has the best chance of success & is simple so try this first. Hope this helps.

Here’s a link to a youtube video I posted awhile back. I was curious about the wheels so I made measurements with a micrometer on my Epic 50 at 21 locations around the circumference. The graph clearly indicates fluctuations but are they within reasonable tolerances? Who knows as I certainly don’t know and I couldn’t compare to my Zipp wheels due to the Firecrest design making it difficult to take replicate measurements. For what it’s worth here’s the link to the data I collected.

Hey Marshall,
Just wondering if you’ve been able to lessen the screeching you observed when braking? If you have let us know what you did and I’m also curious about the flat spots you mentioned.
Thanks Jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey

Was touch and go there for a minute… especially when you’re doing loads of hills but lack confidence in your braking ability when descending. I have been trying different brake blocks also toed in the blocks. I find it does works better, definitely less noise, (don’t get the evil eye anymore when braking) … so will experiment some more until I find he best solution.


Thanks for the update Marshall.
I know the Zipp platinum worked for me; they are on the pricey end of but I have confidence in the braking especially since I know what to expect as far as performance in different braking situations since I’ve ridden the wheels for so long. If you don’t have confidence in the braking then maybe consider returning them before 65 day return policy expires.
Thanks again for the update and keep the forum apprised of your experiences; I feel it’s the one method that we as end users can help Tokyowheel continue to refine their products.
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Any updates on braking? Did you find a solution? Just curious how things were going.

Hey there
Yes, I had the brakes “toed” at my shop as Kane suggested and that seems to have solved the issue. I haven’t tried it in the rain yet.
Although I’ve only used the new wheels for maybe less than 3 hours of riding, my mechanic says that the blue brake pads are already worn down by about 15%.

I’ll be switching to the platinum zips pads after the blue ones are done.

The Zipp Platinums will wear quickly so don’t be surprised; however, those things have a lot of stopping power. A good compromise to consider might be the Swiss Stop RacePro or FlashPro. My experience has been they offer good modulation and low wear rate; better wear rate than the Platinums but not quite the brake modulation but my preference is the Zipp Platinum.