Shipping delays, anyone else?

Hi All,

I ordered a set of Epic 38’s on March 10th and although it’s been 7 weeks as of yesterday, they still aren’t shipped (no tracking #), but are built and awaiting pick-up. I know we’re in a strange time right now with the Covid crisis and there are pressures on shipping internationally, but I just wanted to find out if anyone else is in the same boat. Wondering now if there is an option to change the shipping method from EMS to something else to get them moving.

BTW: Kane has been very responsive to my questions so no issues at all with customer service.

Anyone else or just me being impatient?

Canyon Aeroad CF-SLX
Museeuw 3.0 (brand new build, but awaiting wheels)
GT Grade Carbon
Santa Cruz 5010

Hi Mike

Yes there are a lot of people waiting on shipments at the moment. Some countries have it worse than others, but flight restrictions are putting strain on postal systems worldwide. We do have different options on some routes, so some shipments are less affected. As of last week there were courier options still available into the US. Courier shipments usually cost ~ 200 USD more than EMS (though some couriers have put their prices up in the last month or so).

If the extra cost is in this ballpark to your location, we are happy to go halves in the extra cost to get the ball rolling. If this sounds like something you are interested in (or any other customers for that matter), and you’d like me to get a firm price for you (and an ETA), please send me an email. Stay safe.

Thanks for the quick reply Kane. I really appreciate it. I’d be interested in the shipping cost options if they are available, but don’t want to put too much pressure on you guys either. We all want to see Tokyo Wheel stay financially healthy!

Cheers Mike! I have asked the shipping agent for a courier price to your location. I will let you know when I hear back (via email).

Hey Mike, I just wanted to chime in also. Thanks for understanding the strange situation due to COVID. As you can see, Kane is your guy, and he’s looking out for you and finding the best solutions for these things. Thanks again.