Show Your Bike (and Your Wheels)

Here are some photos that were sent in recently.

Krista Kemp - Utah, USA

Valerio Vona - Rome, Italy

Jonathan Perdomo


Hi James.

Just managed to fix the cassette to my EPIC 60 clincher and tried on road.

I have just rode for very short distance flat road to test the break, etc. Initial feeling was really good and the wheels were really smooth.

I will have a longer ride with up and down hills in the coming few days.


Wanna upload some photos but the system did not allow me to do so… :worried:

Audax BRM 300km complete in 14 hours, with my Tokyowheel set 38/50.


Wilier Cento 1SR with Epic 50s near Dead Horse Trak, Kosciuszko National Park
Not far from the top of Australia!

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My second century ride with Epic 50.



Greece, Spetsathlon 2015


Personal logo on ELITE 50/60

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Here are two pictures of my bike and front wheel. Those are the first two wheels that I build, I’m very proud of the result.

Kevin Siah from Malaysia - my race setup for IM Port Macquarie, Australia


That Boardman is a beautiful bike. Nice setup Kevin.

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Thank you! Yes, and it rides like a dream too!

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Madone 9 Series , Huntington Beach, CA

I just received my new wheels and have put about 130 miles on them. I absolutely love them. Feels like a brand new bike!

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Challenge Fango’s glued up (by a friend because I wouldn’t trust my own glue job just yet) on Elite 38’s. Nothing quite as nice as tubulars for CX; clinchers will suffice, tubeless are nice but tubulars are superior.

Epic 60’s just installed


How was the maiden ride? Are these the new profile wheels shown on the Tokyowheel website or the older version?

They have been ordered from the website and arrived at my bike shop last week so I assume these are the most recent versions.
I specified that no logo should be attached as I prefer a clean look.
I’ll report back as soon as I take them for a good spin.