Show Your Bike (and Your Wheels)

Keep us posted. Bike looks nice.

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Just got back from a 40km “maiden voyage” test ride of the new wheels - against my better judgement - due to feeling sick for 2 months as well as the rain and wet filthy gritty streets.

When I got back, my new wheels and frame were covered in grit and mud, but boy, I came back a happy rejuvenated guy!

I’ve never owned quality deep aero wheels before, so my review is based on a newby’s perspective.
FIrst Impression under poor riding conditions is …WOW !

They tracked true and straight as an arrow, all the superlatives I read about them were true.

Braking was very good, in spite of the wet conditions, however the front wheel screeched loudly whenever I applied the brakes, I don’t know what causes that noise and if it’s due to a wet braking surface? (Does anybody know the reason for this and if it can be silenced?, not a big deal though …)

I experienced a really interesting and unexpected phenomenon (which I’ve never read about before) it seems that the extra mass of the deep wheels, generated a proportional amount of (angular) momentum, almost like a flywheel, which had the effect of almost pulling me along and reducing the amount of work I needed to do ! At the same time, climbing hills was not made more difficult by the extra mass. In spite of my legs feeling weak, from lack of riding, I have never ridden this route so quickly and effortlessly before !

On the long downhill stretches the speed and tracking & stability was incredible.
I couldn’t really ride aggressively into the curves due to the wet slippery road conditions, but the cornering still felt superb.

I’m realy looking forward to spring & summer riding when I can use these under more favorable conditions, until then, I’ll need to use my retro 90’s Bianchi rain bike with fenders and mud flaps.

Cheers !



Too bad they pictured the side that does not have the signature of Phil White …

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Awesome photo! How did you get Phil White’s signature?

Had a high speed crash last week, entered a downhill sharp (unbanked) curve on a section of wet road. I knew I was going to crash, so I needed to pick my spot where I would put her down (right before a concert gaurd rail !). Bike went down and I flew into a deep ditch with the bike still attached to me feet head first. I survived, with nothing broken, lots of scrapes, bruises, and some soft tissue damage. The wheels are totally fine.

I’ve recovered enough this weekend to go riding with my club, but the combination of the aero wheels and frame is very scary in crosswinds, especially on bridges, where the gusts of wind push me back and forth and I am struggling to keep the bike in a straight line !

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Glad to hear you @WhiteCatzs survived with nothing more serious; sounds like it could’ve been much worse.To have the presence of mind to pick the location to lay it down and avoid the guard rail must have taken place in fractions of a second. Nicely done and glad you’re out riding so soon.


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My Bianchi Oltre XR1 with Epic 3.4

The info may be there but don’t see it, which wheel set is that?

Uploading… My new ride :slight_smile: still the same rims and they are as good as new with many many km’s on the clock

Venge Pro with Epic 5.6

Giant Trinity Advanced Pro EPIC 7.10

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My Specialized Shiv on Epic 7.10

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Uploading… my Raleigh Revenio 2.0 Carbon

Hey @Angel_Castrillo, you might have to try that upload again. It looks like it didn’t complete properly. I cant wait to see your bike!

my ride!Raleigh Revenio 2.0 Csrbon

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Uploading… My 1988 cannondale R900

Hey @Angel_Castrillo , that’s a very nice bike. Looks great.

Are these Epic 88’s? I’m debating if I’m going to 7/10 or 88/88