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7.10 will look sweet in your p5.

Thanks Cesar! I bought the Epic 88 for the reason most of the Pro men triathletes used 80+ front and back wheels. I’m a heavy guy and I think I can handle the wind on the flats. If I like the Tokyo wheels, I will considering to get the 7.10 in the future.

Hi This is Dave . I am about to buy my first set of carbon wheels. The info from James from Tokyowheels has been very helpfull but i am not convinced yet of the benefits. I ride a Pinarello 65.1 Dogma with Campagnolo neutron ultra alloy wheels. These are light - 1500 grams . I am 90 kg so as you can imagine need help on hills, especially as my main cycling partner is 20kg lighter. Is there someone on here who by experience canhelp me decide. Regular rides o this my summer bike are 60/80 miles at 18,5mph

cheers and thanks for any help


Hey Dave,

Thanks for the post. That’s a great question. I’ll let the other forum members give you their input, but I’ll just pass on a review we got last week from a guy in a similar situation to you.

"Kirk W.

2000+km road test review
I’d been watching the Tokyo Wheels brand for a few years after a friend put me onto them. After a recent trip to New Zealand, I decided I needed a good set of climbing wheels and finally decided to make a purchase. I am so glad I did. I’ve ridden these wheels in all conditions and they’ve performed incredibly well. I am still blown away by the quality of the braking. I’ve ridden plenty of carbon wheels and often swapped them out for alloys in the wet. Not with these. In summary, the braking is top quality, they are super light, they spin for days and despite being punished for over 2000kms by an 85kg rider, they are as true as the day they arrived. Very satisfied customer."

Also Dave, we give you a 65 day test ride, so you’ve got no risk in trying your new wheels. Let me know any other info I can give you or anything I can do to help.


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Fuji Transonic/Epic 88 - Los Angeles California

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Fuji looking sweet! Love the frame. Good choice on the decals - super low-key. Thanks for posting!

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Nice. Looks great with the wheels.

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How did you manage to fit those 25mm wheelset on your P5? Please advice. Thanks

I’m having a problem putting them on my P5.

Hi @CerveloP5
Did you see someone else on the forum who mounted 25 mm on a P5? I have run 25mm Conti Grand Prix on my Cervelo S2 no problems. On my wife’s Cervelo TT bike I did have to make some minor adjustment to the set screws but only minor. What year is your P5?

Hey @CerveloP5, thanks for posting. I’ll be happy to help you figure it out, if I can . Do you have a photo of where it’s not fitting? Is it the tire rubbing near the bottom bracket? on the seat stay bridge? also, you can email me the photo at if you’d like. Thanks!

Hi James and @CerveloP5 , the dropouts will have adjustment screws that will adjust the axle. Make sure to adjust both screws exactly the same. You can also take measurements to ensure the wheel is perfectly aligned.

Sweet ride! Do you have problems with tyre rub on the chainstays when out of the saddle? Which tyres do you run please?

2013 model. I have removed the washer on the break pads, still no dice. I have the RT8 Magura brakes.

No issue on rubbing tires on the frame. I’m using Conti GP4000 S2 25mm. Perfect for Fuji Transonic.

Hi @CerveloP5, let me see if I am understanding correctly. The issue that you are experiencing is that your brakes can not open wide enough to allow the rim to spin freely without rubbing on your brake pads. Is that what you are experiencing? Initially I thought you meant that the clearance between your tire and your frame was insufficient.

Good morning. Yes James, the issue is the RT8 Magura brakes on my Cervelo P5. I’m not sure if can be open for more space for the rims. Also, I notice that if you put 25mm tires, some way some how it will rub on the frame. The clearance is too close for 25mm tires for P5. No issue on my Fuji Transonic.

Do you have any advice? I bought the Epic 88 for my P5 not for Transonic.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m going to post an answer on this thread which is specifically on this topic. Epic clincher brake clearance

After around two months of riding on my new wheels, I am so impressed with my improved performance and can’t wait to jump back on the bike and ride faster - for me anyway! Best bike upgrade by far.