Skewer length too long?

Just got my my wheels changed over by my local bike shop. What’s the deal with the skewers? Am I missing a cap or something?

Does it look the same in the back? The front and back skewers have different lenghts. Is it possible that the back skewer is on the front Wheel and vice versa? Probably a stupid question, since the front skewer most likely is too short to be used in the back end of the frame. But I guess it’s better to eliminate the most obvious things first. :slight_smile:

Same at the back. I’m assuming the skewers are a standard longer length and my Trek Madone has dropouts that are too short in width. I’m investigating cutting them to fit, as I don’t think it’s safe and or aesthetically pleasing.

Ah, OK gotcha! You should be able to cut them to fit without any risk. I fully agree with you regarding safety and aesthetics! :wink:

I’m not an MTB rider so this is a only a guess but aren’t most MBT standard skewers 135 mm while road are typically 130 mm?
Maybe these are MTB skewers and were placed with your order by accident?

I got my upgraded tw epic 7.10 that came with titanium skewers that I found out a bit longer. Maybe approx 1/4" on both.
So I took my old ones that happened to be perfect in length and measured it and was able to cut the excess using the dremel tool cutting accessories. It was nice. Maybe I suggest to use the dremel coz they have thin cutting blades that cuts nice without damaging the thread.

Tokyowheel acknowledged they sent longer skewers, but the replacements are exactly the same length! I think I’ll just cut them as you suggested @CesarRicoAparil. Fingers crossed I don’t mess up the thread.

Possibly, but Tokywheel resent skewers which end up being the same length again!

Hey guys, thanks for the forum post on the long skewers. It’s a known issue. You wouldn’t think that it would be tough to get our hands on some better QR skewers, but for some reason it has been. You can go ahead and cut or file them if you’d like, and if you have any skewers you really love, send some photos and we’ll try to change to something close to that. Thanks again for the comments!

Thanks James. I’m investigating someone cutting the skewers for me as I don’t want to ruin the thread.

Hi richf. Right tool is the key. Don’t use a regular cutter or cutting tool. Dremel tools comes with thin cutting wheels that will work right on small things.

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Hey @richf
How did cutting the skewers go? Hopefully everything went well. What did you use to make the cut?

Hi @attilashelton haven’t even had a chance. I’ve been riding with the extra length skewers! Been trying to track down a friend who has a Dremel tool. Seems like @CesarRicoAparil would be good to hit up with some tips. I’m really conscious of losing the thread at the end, but he managed to cut it with thread intact!