Spoke tension

It seems the spokes of my Epic 50s (240s + CX-Ray) have come loose. At least in the rear. The drive side tension is around 100 kgf and NDS is sub 50 kgf. Would you recommend that I re-tension the drive side up to the max.130 kgf stated on the homepage and the non drive side to what ever level it takes to get the dish right? Do you apply any thread lock in the build?

How come I never received an answer to this question?


Hey @tibberfar, I was thinking the same thing, when i saw your message. It looks like I forgot to specify to check the forum daily, in the customer service team’s process. My mistake, sorry. Thanks for helping us to identify that gap in our process, and improve it.

About your question.

  1. We don’t use threadlock, but there can be corrosion between the aluminum spokes and nipples, if the wheel has been in contact with salt water or sweat. This may give the feeling that there is threadlock.

  2. The best way to do the truing is get the wheel true and correctly dished at near 0kgf, then bring the spokes up to tension while maintaining true and dish. For your rear wheel target 130kgf on the drive side, and 65kgf on the non-drive. For your front, target 130kgf, both sides.

Let me know if you have any other questions!!