Sponsoring request

Hello, My name is Clement MORIN, 19 year old student in computer graphics, and cycle messenger to Paris for the remaining time. Recently titrated world champion sprint at the world championships cycle messenger (CMWC), I am looking for sponsors for the crit fix of season ahead, where I would participate among others the RED HOOK SERIES (World Tour) and RAD RACE with the team Dësgena Bici. As for my participation in the MB Race (mountain bike race the hardest in the world). I can send you more details if you wish.
thank you in advance
Sportingly Clement Morin

Hello @morin . If you race the Red Hook Series next year look for @colinATX Colin Strickland or @biketuhl and follow either wheel for sure success. Colin had a great 2016 season winning all but 1 Red Hook Series race and Tristan was racing great with many top finishes until Redhook Barcelona took out his collar bone. Both are from the area I live and I see both of them almost weekly at the @drivewayseries criterium. I’d say I race with them but I as many others are in the pack just hanging on during the criteriums. Good luck and train hard during he off season.

Hello, yes obviously after their season I heard a lot of them, they are really solid! Thank you and can be soon on the criteriums