Standard Hubs or Pro Hubs?

Need some help deciding beetwen Standard Hubs or Pro Hubs on EPIC 5.6.
Is a wheelset with Pro Hubs and Sapim spokes stiffer (less flexing) than with Standard Hubs?


Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for asking. The big difference is the weight, the better engagement of the ratchet, and the longer durability of the angular contact bearings.

Stiffness is something that we primarily control in the rim. Hub flange height, spoke material, spoke lacing all effect wheel stiffness, but are very similar between the standard and pro hub options.

The biggest thing we do to improve wheel stiffness is make a deeper rear rim, with a stronger carbon construction in the rear wheel.

Your going to get our best stiffness with either hub and spoke option. You’ll get a lighter, more durable wheelset, with better hub engagement if you get the pro option.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you want clarification or more info on anything.

Thanks James
Placed an order for EPIC 5.6 with standard hubs.
Looking forward to testing them :slight_smile:


Awesome! Congratulations, you’re going to love them!

Hi James,

Like everybody I am eagerly waiting for my new Epic 5.6 wheel set. I also believe that the carbon magnetic hubs should have less rolling resistance when free wheeling as they disengage. The system looks similar to Zipps Cognition hub. If so these hubs will be awesome for rolling hills. Am l correct in assuming this?



I am concerned about freehub noise. I recently purchased FLO 30 allow rims with their hubs. Boy, are they noisy, though not as bad as other wheels. What is the loudness of the standard Tokyo hubs and the new magnentic freewheel hubs? On scale of shimano’s to loud enough that people on a group ride laugh when you coast on first hearing it.

Great question. I’ll give a few different answers. The summary is, our hubs are both in the average range of loudness, but not silent.

Keep in mind that the loudness of a hub can be altered by many different things. The easiest way to quiet a super clicky hub is to use some white lithium grease on the hub pawls. A more viscous grease will make the hub significantly less clicky. Converly, you could make your hub louder by cleaning the current grease of, and applying a thin mineral oil to the ratchet. That will make it super loud.

Also our pro hub uses a carbon shell, so that will dampen some of the vibration from traveling through the spokes to the rim and amplifying the sound compared a similar aluminum shell.

In reality, we should probably do some sort of an audio recording on our hubs to give a better answer. But in general they aren’t abnormally loud.

I hope that helps :wink:

You are very correct. The forces between magnets are ideal for reducing coasting forces in the ratchet.


Regarding the wheel noise:

  1. I have found Mavic freehubs with 2 small metal parts to be bearable.
  2. My Fulcrum 3 paws are extremely loud (I will add grease as you suggested).
  3. Giant cheap P-R2 sealed freehubs are very quiet.

With that, 6 paws must be very loud?
Is it safe to assume the magnetic Ring-Ratchet™ freehub will be much quieter?


Great post @lbouwer :+1:. I’ve recorded a video response for you concerning the 36 teeth ratchet.

Check out this video I recorded of the pro-hub ratchet sound compared to the 6 pawl standard hub and 36 tooth DT Swiss 240s.

Hi James

I am still going on with the dB noise level of the freehubs project.
Here is my latest enlightenment.

I have Fulcrum Zero wheels with the 3 paw freehub.

  1. Applied White Lightning’s Crystal High Performance Clear Grease (admit a bit sparingly), the noise was incredibly loud.
  2. Then I aplied Park Tools Polylube 1000 PPL-1 grease, (admit perhaps a bit too much), I can barely hear the paws hitting the hub. This is ridiculously quiet.
  3. Will imagine the Ring-Rachet is going to be much quieter as well.

Do not know the difference in the grease, but obviously very different outcome.
Finally found a solutions to dampen the freehub noise.

Just an update on my project.
My apologies for the false alert, after about 60 km the noise is the same as it was on the freehub.

New idea, wonder how it will work to cover the hub teeth with a thin layer of teflon.
May even reduce friction?
Even with the Ring-Rachet?

I actually like my freehubs to have a lot of noise in cyclocross. It’s a long story but for me the louder the better.