Stefan Rothe Wins Texas State Cyclocross Championship – Tokyowheel™

Congratulations to Stefan Rothe, the new Cat 1 Texas State Cyclocross Champion. I connected with Stefan earlier this year (via introduction by Tokyowheel rider @attilashelton) while on tour through California and Austin, TX. He has been riding on Tokyowheel Elite tubulars for his cyclocross season. With the State Championship win, Stefan is in great form to take on next weeks Cyclocross Nationals in Austin TX. Good Luck Stefan! [Photo The Radavist][1] [1]:

Stefan also just raced 07Jan2015 Cyclocross Nationals here in Austin, TX USA and was 2nd in the first day, age based, non-championship race. This shows he’s in good form for his championship race on Friday. Good luck coach @rothetraining .

@attilashelton is there anywhere to watch the races live online?

I haven’t found any live video yet; will text a few people who would know and get back if I learn anything.

Haven’t found live video but did find a competitor who had a POV camera. Funny thing is that if you’ll notice at the start of the race you’ll see some Tokyowheel Elites row 1 …it’s serendipitous but it’s Stefan. Don’t know the guy but appreciate Michael Wilder posting it; looks like he placed a solid 27th and he too will be racing again Friday.

Sorry for such a short notice reply
Here you go James.

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