Structural Integrity

On a ride yesterday and coming down from a long climb rounded a corner and hit a rock going about 25 mph. (6–9" in diameter maybe bigger). Fortunately didn’t hit the deck. Ripped the sidewall and damaged the top of the brake track but didn’t crack through the rim. Put a boot in the tire and nursed it down the remainder of the 25 mile decent due to the huge tire bubble. I was very impressed that the rim was not shattered and held up though I will need to replace it. I will let you all know how the crash replacement goes assuming it qualifies. Regardless, I have even more confidence in the wheels and will be replacing it with another Epic 3.4 up front

Hey Tim. Sorry to hear you’ve had some bad luck, but great to hear that you’re ok. I bet the vitals spiked a bit when you came round that corner! Good that our wheel held up enough for you to hobble home too. You are still eligible for crash replacement so do get in touch. Cheers.

Thanks Kane. I sent an email to customer service with a photo. I will look to hear back unless I need to do I get different. I’ve always had great customer service with Tokyo Wheels.