Summer mountains

Can I get some advice from the forum. I’ve had my Tokyowheels for a couple of months now, riding in England on our not very hot summer. They have been excellent and reliable. Breaking is good and I love then. However I am off to Mallorca for 2 weeks training. Hot weather and some good climbs and descents. Would you trust your carbon clinchers in the heat and mountains?

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Shouldn’t be a problem. I did IM 70,3 Mallorca in May this year on epic 60-88 clincher and everything was fine with no problem. The average temp was around 32+

Hi. I have a set of EPIC 50’s this last 2 year and have been to Mallorca twice with them now and found no problems with braking or heat. Max temperature was 28C when I was there. Heading to the French Alps in September for a week which should give them a testing.

Enjoy Mallorca.


I been riding EPIC 50/60 for about a year now & have taken it out in the desert & Mountain with temperature 114 also going down hill at 50 mph have no problem of stop or braking. I have also put this Wheelset thru 5 double century have no problem. I have another Double Century coming up on September 12 with 10438 ft elevation & temperature is expected to be over 100° I have confidence in Tokyo EPIC 50/60 WHEELSET.

soy residente en Mallorca y estoy muy satisfecho con las ruedas. Tengo unas epic 60-50 y tanto en subida como en bajada son una maravilla .

Many thanks for all the replies. They will be in the bike box next week. Let’s hope my legs do justice to the wheels.

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I’ve done several mountains on my Epic 38’s in California and Utah in extreme heat and have never had a problem. I usually run about 110 psi.

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Hello matey, your wheels should be fine I live in Geneva,Switzerland Temperature here is currently hotter than where you’re going and believe me we have crazy mountains here and also next door which is France :slight_smile: I have an Epic60 and those wheels climb like a dream :slight_smile: so enjoy and worry not.

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You’ll be just fine. I been running Epic 50/60 thru lots of high temp in California Desert n Nevada for Double Century & haven’t have any problem. I run at 100 psi only due to heat so it’ll expand.

I just returned from holiday in Colorado, United States where I had my Epic 38s and found a climb from South Fork to the Continental Divide. My garmin indicated 10,800 ft (~3300 meters)above sea level. It was raining when I descended so I applied the brakes most of the way down and had adequate braking and it was almost 30 km of a descent that averaged at 8%. The only thing is the temperatures were very mild due to the rain, I think it ranged from 20C down to about 17C so not hot but I was worried on the descent and rode the brakes almost the entire way down.

2 weeks in Mallorca done. 400km riden and 9000m climbed. The wheels were utterly faultless. Braking was good, even on the descents when I was caught behind all the tourist buses. No overheating. No issues at all.