Team Sales and Incentive

We very often get request for some sort of incentive to make a larger order. For example 3~4 wheelsets. Often these requests are made under the intention of Promoting Tokyowheel.

We would like to have a Team Sales, or incentive structure in place.

Your feedback and ideas are appreciated.

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I will admit my bias up front, with team I am involved with looking for a team sale and referral incentive structure.

Couple of aspects to team sales, one is the topic of bulk sale type discount structure… Which without knowing your product cost base, is a question only you can answer.

Second is in order to qualify for team sale / incentives, what do you expect from a team? If it was me, I would be expecting them t be an advocate on the ground in that locals and I would look at what measure I can put in place to capture sales increase or awareness etc



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I am also interested in Team/Bulk sale incentive.

Thanks for posting. Can you give some info about your team, and comment on what type of incentive structure you think would be best. Thanks.